Wednesday, March 30, 2011

winter garden

I finally got our garden seeds started this last week!  I'm ready for some fresh, backyard grown goodness!  But that will be a while yet.  In the mean time Rolli, Vivian, and I have been playing with the felt fruits and vegetables that Aunt Esther made.  
The birthday gift from Aunt Esther!  Handmade felt fruits and vegetables in niffty little bags.

Very colorful! 
 Rolli's favorites are the carrots and Vivian laughs when Bella takes the orange.

Rolli is excited for our garden too!

Vivian is already a serious gardener!

Hopefully all this practice will make the babies great helpers when the real summer gardening time arrives.  In reality I imagine they will be just as helpful as Bella... digging everything up that I plant and eating all the wrong things.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Grandpa and fire trucks!

Rolli and Vivian surprised Grandpa Rollin at the fire station today!  Grandpa was working a short shift for the West Valley Fire Department and the babies wanted to play on the fire trucks.  We said "hi!" to the firefighters, took a quick tour and some photos then had to leave before the twins got their busy fingers into trouble.
Vivian, Grandpa, Rolli, and the infamous remains of engine 31.

They'll learn to drive soon enough.

Rolli likes the shiny fire trucks.

Vivian's sweet face.

Is it clean enough to lick?

Too much fun!

I love being on break!  Me and the babies are having loads and loads of fun times!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've been published!... kinda

This came in the mail yesterday.  At first I was irritated.  I thought "I didn't order a cookbook.  I'm not paying for this!"  Then I realized I don't have to pay for it.  It is a complimentary copy because they used my name and recipe!  Page 201.  
There it is!  Basil Marmalade Scones from Hannah Wallace, Wenatchee, WA.
You may remember over a year ago I entered a recipe contest.  This recipe received runner-up and was published in one of the summer issues of Taste of Homes Healthy Cooking magazine.  The funny thing is that Marshall said "it's not my favorite."  (keep in mind that he doesn't like scones)  I was happy to tell him that other people like my scones.  
Even if I never make them again...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

daycare babies

Rowland and Vivan (spelling according to the daycare girls) officially started daycare on Monday!  They had an awesome day!  Bella and I walked the babies to daycare in the morning.  Rolli and Vivian went right to playing with the other kids and all the new toys.  They didn't even care to see me leave.  Their day was full of fun activities!  Both babies participated in finger play (whatever that is), a buggy ride, circle time, and some outside playtime.  They ate all sorts of tasty foods that we don't feed them around here.  They drank milk out of sippy cups.  And they were little angels at nap time!  Marshall and I picked them up at 5.  When they saw their Daddy they looked at him like "hmm, you look familiar..."  Just like that they are regular daycare kids.  And they were sure exhausted! 
Vivian Tuesday morning.  
After 12 1/5 hours of sleep Rolli woke up and Vivian was still sound asleep.

"do I have to get up?"

After sleeping ALL night Mr. Grown-up is feeding himself.

These are their crafts from the first day of daycare.  Seriously!  I don't know who did which and how much help they had.  Made me smile :)  Too funny.

Are you wondering what I did all day... Spring Break with no babies at home...
I cleaned!  Two years worth of spring cleaning all in one day.  I was exhausted too!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Marshall and I took the twins to family open swim at the Eastmont Aquatic Center on Saturday.  Rolli and Vivian donned super cute brand new suits and we were ready!  We even packed lifejackets just incase the need arouse.  
Vivian, Mommy, and Rolli.
I'm super excited about swimming but the babies aren't too sure about the chilly water.

Rolli still not sure about this swimming thing.
He warmed up a bit later when I put him on my back.  Then he got a hold of a water noodle and started to have fun!

Daddy and Vivian in action!


I think that the babies will really enjoy swimming this summer when it is warm.  We are still going to keep going to the indoor pool for now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

weighing in

Rolli and Vivian had their one year wellness check yesterday.  
They are THRIVING!  
Rollin Von weighs 19lbs 4oz and is 29" tall.
He enjoys clapping, begging for food, going to play group with Daddy, reading books, sticking his tongue out in deep concentration, and sleeping.

Vivian Mae weighs 18lbs 13oz and is 28 1/4" tall.
She enjoys piggy back rides, playing with Daddy, reading books, pushing her brothers buttons, laundry, snuggling with Hugs, and surfing in her doll cradle.

*thanks to Sara Pipkin for the pictures!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Happy Birthday Dad (Rollin), Uncle Dwight, Rolli, and Vivian!!!
Birthday cupcakes for the big day! 

not my favorite but they were perfect for the twins' first birthday.

Vivian ate her whole cupcake... somewhat like a lady. 
Rolli ate his cupcake as fast as he could.

Birthday boys!  Grandpa Rollin and Rolli having fun!

It was a great party!  So many friends and family came to celebrate the double twin party.  Wow!  I didn't know our home could host that many people.  We enjoyed every minute.  Can't wait till the next party :)

*I really didn't get to take very many pictures.  
Hopefully someone will share their pictures with me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

One Year!

My favorite babies turned one today!
Happy Birthday Rolli and Vivian!  
They laughed at me when I sang them 'happy birthday' this morning.  Marshall and I celebrated our first year of parenthood by taking the kids out to breakfast at the Wild Huckleberry.  I love my not so little babies and they loved breakfast! 
Mr. 'I'm waiting for breakfast to be served like a mature one-year-old' Rollin.
Miss 'is this jacket cool enough for my first birthday?' Vivian.
Happy Birthday Daddy's Girl!
Yum! blueberry pancakes!
How much can I fit in my mouth?
More please!

The big birthday party with Grandpa and his twin is tomorrow!