Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Camp out!

The weather is perfect for backyard camping right now.
Not too hot and not too cold.
Rolli and Viv (and Colter too) invited their good friends Caleb and Fiona over for 
a full moon camping out slumber party last Friday.

What a bunch of wild kids and silly faces!

They all played so well together, even Colter!

These two boys giggled and laughed all through bedtime.
They kept telling secrets about how they where going to stay up all night and play.
Then, just like the girls, they where sound asleep and maybe even a little snuggly.
In the morning both Rollin and Caleb tried to tell me that they really didn't sleep at all.
They make me smile :)

The rest of us slept through the night and didn't try to pretend otherwise.

Friday, April 22, 2016


The neighbor girls invited Rolli and Viv over last week to join in on their science experiments.
I could hear them discussing the experiments and chatting away.
They where all such good lab partners that I couldn't help but snap a few photos.
Rolli, Emily, Vivian and Siiri.

Isn't it exciting to watch the kids growing and learning!
And it's such fun having great neighbor friends with a tree house!

Of course Colter was slightly disappointed that 
he did not get to go over for the experimenting.
So as soon as we got home he pushed a chair over to the counter,
got up on the counter
and pulled out the baking soda and vinegar.
And that was without any prompting from me!
Mr. Man doesn't miss a thing and he sure is a smartie pants!
Colter doing his own science experiment.

It's hard to see the baking soda and vinegar reaction in the photo
but Colter was sure pleased with the eruption.

I just love our little learners!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Spring soccer has started!
And Rolli had his First ever soccer game last night!
Even though he didn't really know what he was doing
Rolli had a great time playing soccer :)

Caleb and Rolli.
Caleb scored 4 goals!  Rolli says he scored 2 or 3 (but I only saw 1).

The team mates and their cheering squad :)

We are looking forward to watching Rollin's soccer skills improve!

Monday, April 4, 2016

A weekend in Packwood

We where lucky enough to spend the first weekend of Spring Break
 with some friends at a cabin in Packwood.
Rollin, Vivian and Colter had the best time ever 
playing with Finn and exploring the forest and river near the cabin!
Finn found a wrestling buddy with Rollin and Colter too.
Vivian was in heaven with all the opportunities for snuggling :)
Finn, Colter, Rollin and Vivian.
These four played hard from sunrise to sunset (actually they where still going after sunset).

Even after a long hike in the morning the kids where ready for
 another (shorter) hike to the waterfall.

Rolli loves all this adventuring!

Colter couldn't be happier :)

Before leaving on Sunday we spent the morning down at the river.
The gang was super excited (especially Rolli) to find this nursery tree.

We just love Finn!
He's such a sweet and active boy!

Thanks to Sara's parents for letting us stay at their cabin! 
It was a great weekend!