Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Up n' running with Rockin' New Haircuts!

I hope this long-awaited update finds everyone still jolly from Christmas!
Yes, I finally sat down and added more picture storage for $2.70/month.
Totally worth it.
Now it's your turn to enjoy loads of pictures from the last month and a half.

Before our family pictures back in November the kids got their ears lowered at Rockin' Hair.
Vivian's first professional haircut!
She loved sitting in the chair like a little lady.

Rolli held perfectly still on my lap.
And he gave the stylist sideways smiles the whole time.
What a Big Guy flirt!

New haircuts!

Sweet :)

Since these two wee angels aren't always angels I rewarded them with an 
OWL Soda Fountain treat for behaving so well in the salon.

Rolli rockin' his new haircut with blue gel.

Vivian stylin' with her cute curls.

Fun times, can't wait for Vivian's hair to grow longer so we can do that again!