Monday, April 25, 2011


It was a quiet Easter weekend at the Wallace home.  We didn't even decorate any eggs or buy a single bag of Easter candy.  I didn't even cook a fancy Easter meal.  The kids just played with the plastic Easter eggs that they got from daycare on Friday.  Thankfully Grandpa Roger brought Rolli and Vivian baby ginger bread cookies and invited us over for dinner later!  They ate the cookies right up!  Marshall and I thought that we would stop at Smallwoods Petting Farm on our way to Grandpa's for dinner but when we got there they had already closed for the day.  I guess we'll do that another time.  I was feeling a little lazy for not having planned anything for the babies.  But not really.  Because Vivian is terrified of the Easter Bunny and neither of them need any more sugar and you know Marshall and I would have been the ones doing the egg hunt.  When they get older (like next year) and actually want to look for Easter eggs and all that stuff I'll make sure to have something planned.  Until then we are enjoying our relaxing weekends together!    
Beautiful tulips that I found on our table this morning!
Our favorite roommate Ethan moved back in last night!  None of us stayed up late to welcome him and he was so quiet that I wasn't even sure he had arrived till he came into the kitchen this morning.  This will be the fourth summer that Ethan has stayed with us.  
Rolli and Vivian will have to start calling him 'Uncle Ethan'!    

I love flowers!  Thank you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Friday!

There was an Easter party at daycare today!  The kids had an egg hunt and the Easter Bunny stopped by for a visit!  Half of the kids cried and the other have screamed for candy.  It was actually kinda funny.  Vivian really hollered as soon as the Easter Bunny got too close (5 feet away).  Rolli was curious but not enough to get anywhere near the Easter Bunny.  I think they were relieved when she finally left.  Then there were cupcakes, cookies, and juice for everyone!  
Vivian and Rolli eating half a chocolate cupcake and an Easter cookie.

Vivi and Rolli still eating while they watch the other kids play and look for eggs.
Vivian, the opportunist, stole some kids cookie while they were playing.

Vivian and Rolli with the Easter Bunny (out of costume).
Bobbi is the kids daycare teacher too.

Rolli under the picnic table eating the cookies that the other kids dropped.  
He obviously has his appetite back.  I even caught him licking cupcake frosting out of the grass.

Friday, April 15, 2011

chicks and bunnies

A couple of weekends ago we meet Lindsey, Miles, and Grandma Kathy at Big R to visit the baby chicks and bunnies.  Vivian wanted to squeeze the chicks and Rolli would just poke them with his finger.  Lots of farm fun under fluorescent lights.   

"Eeee!  I love baby chicks!"

"Umm? Are you sure it's okay to touch?"

"Did anyone else see that bird poop?"

"oh, Hi Mom!  I'm just driving Vivian around in the tractor."

"I'm pretty sure all of my stuffed animals would fit in here with me."

Monday, April 11, 2011

life is happening

The Wallace household has been busy!  Marshall came home from Mississippi with a fever.  I started spring quarter.  Rolli and Vivian got sick.  Rolli and Vivian got even sicker.  Rolli became dehydrated.  Marshall missed everyday of work last week.  Rolli spent the weekend in the hospital receiving IV fluids and antibiotics.  Vivian hung-out with her cousin and Auntie for a bit.  Both kids are still on antibiotics and tired.  Wow!  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that our poor little babies have been through.  Thankfully we are all on the road to better health!
Daddy, Rolli, and Vivian taking laps around the hospital halls on Sunday.
After just a few hours of IV therapy Rolli began to noticeably feel better.

Just a couple more hours till Rolli gets the IV taken out and we all go home!

*We've been busy with the spring weather too.  I have more pictures to share latter.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reduce Your Use contest ends

Results are in from the Reduce Your Use contest!  No, we did not win.  We didn't even place :(  Of course I really, really wanted to win.  You might remember that I hand strung up a clothes line upstairs so that I could line dry our clothes rather than use the dryer.  In reality I was too busy to use the clothes line consistently and even if I had we probably still wouldn't have placed.
Over the 3 months we saw a 17% decrease in our energy usage!  That pretty impressive (but not first place impressive) if you consider the fact that our usage was being compared to the previous years when we didn't have the babies.  I kept our thermostat set higher and we did tons more laundry and dishes this year.  Which means that if we hadn't done anything to reduce our energy usage we would have seen an increase instead.  Wow!  Plus our home is more comfortable now.  Yes, we are satisfied with the results!

I tried to put a link here to the PUD's webpage but couldn't figure it out.  So you can copy and paste the address at the top to view the official results.