Thursday, November 19, 2015

Star Student!

Our young Rollin Von LOVES school!
And he tells me hes' teacher is "amazing".
This is Rollin's first day of kindergarten picture that Mrs. Hannah took.
Gosh, it's already been 2 months!

Then on October 13th (yes, it's taken awhile to share pictures)
Rolli was the Star Student for Mrs. Hannah's class.
He got to do things like be the line leader  and share some stuff about himself.

And all of the other kids drew a picture of Rolli :)
Mrs. Hannah then made a book of all the pictures from his classmates.
Kindergarten is too cute!!

Even before school started Rolli was kinda a 
Mr. Know-it-all
So it's really nice that's now he's actually learning a whole lot to go along with his attitude. 
My sweet, confident young fellow has recently learned how to draw hearts.
And the first word he learned to spell was DAD.
I love these little notes that he is so proud to share!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Two already!

Mr. Man is TWO!
This lil' Boss keeps us moving and laughing all day long!
Some of his favorite past times are chicken farming, jumping (from high places), 
bubble baths, chasing the older kids, climbing the counters, 
reading books, causing trouble, making messes, ect.
And we still love him more every year!

With family and friends at our side 
we celebrated the last two years with bubbles, lemon blueberry cake, trick candles 
and ColT's favorite goofy Dad making us all laugh.

Barely 2 and he's already got a set of wheels!
Somebody slow this kid down!

We love you Colter Lee :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

VIP student!

Vivian is Mrs. Connor's VIP student for the whole week!
All week she'll get to do special things.
Like share her special picture collage that she made.
She told the class about 3 of the pictures in her collage.
There where about 20 pictures total.
And guess which ones she tells me she picked to talk about?!
1)  The day Colter was born.
2)  Our family hike on my birthday.
3)  Flying the airplane with Daddy.

The whole class drew pictures of Vivian and learned about her favorite color.
Doesn't that look like Viv?!
Mrs. Connor made a book of all the drawings.
Way too cute!!

Vivan was very excited to share her new book with all of us as soon as we got home.
She even left it on Daddy's pillow so he could see it right away when he got home.

And only after one week of school I got my first ever note from Viv!
I'm such a proud Momma!
And what a sweet note :)

We LOVE school!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ready, set, Kindergarten!

It's for real!
We have TWO kindergarten kiddos now!

Vivan, Rollin and Colter.
This is last Friday on their way to meet their teachers.

 Then today was their first day ever of real school!
Rolli was so excited that he woke up at 6:30.
Dressed and ready to leave!
Thank goodness I made cinnamon rolls and bacon!
Otherwise he wanted to skip breakfast and just go to school.
Vivian and Rolli ready to ride their bikes to school!
Colter is just along for the support :)

Waiting in line for Mrs. Hannah's class.
Rolli got a little shy :)

Happy to see his friend!

Vivian wasn't as convinced as Rollin was that this was going to be the best day ever.

But she says that she's excited to learn to read!

Viv was all ready for school until another little girl started to cry.
Then she got a worried look, got kinda anxious and clingy.
Not the best send off but I'm confident that she'll do great with Mrs. Connor!

Now it's just me and the short trouble maker at home until 2:45!
I'm kinda happy and sad... that's makes me sappy :(

Sunday, September 6, 2015

An anniversary, wedding and married life

Happy 40th anniversary to my parents!!
And congratulations to Marshall's cousin and her groom on their wedding day!
September 5th is a great day for weddings :)

Mr. Man and his handsome Daddy.

Me and Marshall livin' the married life with kiddos.

Sweet peas.

Cousin Friends.

The Wallace Family ready to celebrate love and marriage!

Miss Mae.

Colter Lee found the chickens :)

From our perspective the wedding was perfect!
Rolli ran himself crazy playing with his cousins,
Vivian danced till her feet hurt,
and Colter explored around finding chickens, horses and lemonade.
And me and Marshall even got some time with just the two of us :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Marshall's party

Sometimes I hate Marshall's job...
other times I remember how much I loved firefighting 
and I get kinda jealous that he's out there and not me...
But mostly I'm just thankful for a hard working husband/father-to-our-kiddos
and look for any chance to celebrate when he's home.

And what better excuse than Marshall's birthday?!
Happy 36th Birthday with a grape cake!
For some reason I asked Rolli and Viv what kind of cake we should make Daddy.
They said "grape."
Otherwise I never would have made a grape cake.
It was actually delicious :)

A heart piñata!
"Because we love Daddy", said Rollin.
And let me tell you,
this was the best piñata we've made!

There are always more birthdays and pinatas  to come ;)

 Until then you can give this guy a call.
Mr. Man loves to talk on the phone!
(he's talking with Grandma Debie here).

Before I sign off for another month or so while we're busy livin' it up,
here's a little recommendation...
Don't forget to reflect on what is important in life
and hug a firefighter!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wallace Falls, ect.

Well, Hello again :)
It seems I've taken an unplanned break from posting pics here...

Enjoying a nice Wallace Family hike at Wallace Falls ;)

Twin goofballs.

Colter and Daddy.

The hiking Wallace Family :)
We didn't hike all 10 miles to Wallace Falls but that's a good goal for next time!

Vivan and Rollin's reaction to the Freemont Solstice parade starting...
ie.  the "naked parade" as Vivian calls it.

The Gang.
This 4 are such great friends :)

ColT and Mommy practicing baby tricks!

That's enough for now!
Til' next time... whenever that may be.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Colter's 1st trip to the water slides!

                   We (including Marshall!) took our lil' school of fishies to Slide Waters on Monday.
It was the twin's 2nd time there and Colter's 1st!  
As you can tell from the picture I was super excited to be spending the day at the water slides.
Colter was not as enthusiastic... 
until it was time to leave and then he decided it was the absolutely best place to be!

Viv is such a big girl swimming and sliding all by herself!

Me and my young fish :)

Our independent and happy sliders put a smile on our proud Daddy's face :)

Next time you see Rollin and Vivian ask them about the "Purple Haze".
The twins each went down that totally dark tunnel slide ALL by themselves!  
Crazy and brave kiddos!  

Monday, May 25, 2015

ready to fly!

We had a great Memorial Weekend!
Not only do we live in a free country...
Daddy Marshall was home and I was off from work!
Marshall treated the kids (and himself) to a little air time!

Colter didn't get a turn in the plane but he was just happy watching.

There goes Daddy and Rollin!


This is Rolli's "Dad let me fly" smile ;)
Vivian said she got to fly a little bit too. 
They sure are spoiled kiddos!

There goes Daddy and Vivian!
Colter did a lot of screaming, yelling and clapping every time an airplane took off!
I think he's ready for his turn!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Sunny Nature Walk

First, let me just say that I've totally been loving this part-time work schedule!

Today we started our morning off with a quiet conversation in a sun soaked bedroom.
I love how Rolli's ears catch the sun 
and how Vivian hangs on to every word her brother says.

After our short chat we packed our breakfast and headed out for a nature walk.
Mommy and Colter.
I swear this kid takes advantage of his position and barks out commands, alerts and squeals of joy directly into my ear.  

Please tell me that you see the snake!
Rolli yelled out, "snake!"
And Vivian froze to stone.
Just like we had rehearsed :)
I was so proud of them for cautiously backing away and letting the bull snake be.
You never know when it'll be a rattle snake...

There's a baby Eagle in that nest!
I think it's an eagle.
The sun was shining right into my eyes and I couldn't say for sure what kind of bird that is.

We spotted all sorts of beetles and there tracks.

Where'd Colter go?!?
This kid!
He thinks he's hiding from us ;)
I just can't believe how stinkin' cute he is!...
must get the cuteness from his mom ;)

When we walked back towards the car the snake was gone...
Rolli and Viv are convinced that the eagle ate it!