Monday, May 25, 2015

ready to fly!

We had a great Memorial Weekend!
Not only do we live in a free country...
Daddy Marshall was home and I was off from work!
Marshall treated the kids (and himself) to a little air time!

Colter didn't get a turn in the plane but he was just happy watching.

There goes Daddy and Rollin!


This is Rolli's "Dad let me fly" smile ;)
Vivian said she got to fly a little bit too. 
They sure are spoiled kiddos!

There goes Daddy and Vivian!
Colter did a lot of screaming, yelling and clapping every time an airplane took off!
I think he's ready for his turn!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Sunny Nature Walk

First, let me just say that I've totally been loving this part-time work schedule!

Today we started our morning off with a quiet conversation in a sun soaked bedroom.
I love how Rolli's ears catch the sun 
and how Vivian hangs on to every word her brother says.

After our short chat we packed our breakfast and headed out for a nature walk.
Mommy and Colter.
I swear this kid takes advantage of his position and barks out commands, alerts and squeals of joy directly into my ear.  

Please tell me that you see the snake!
Rolli yelled out, "snake!"
And Vivian froze to stone.
Just like we had rehearsed :)
I was so proud of them for cautiously backing away and letting the bull snake be.
You never know when it'll be a rattle snake...

There's a baby Eagle in that nest!
I think it's an eagle.
The sun was shining right into my eyes and I couldn't say for sure what kind of bird that is.

We spotted all sorts of beetles and there tracks.

Where'd Colter go?!?
This kid!
He thinks he's hiding from us ;)
I just can't believe how stinkin' cute he is!...
must get the cuteness from his mom ;)

When we walked back towards the car the snake was gone...
Rolli and Viv are convinced that the eagle ate it!