Saturday, August 18, 2012

Train Ride!!

Let me tell you about ALL of the FUN, fun things to do in the summer!
Especially when you have busy kiddos and 8 days off!!
...I'll start with today...

Wenatchee just so happens to be home of the Riverfront Railway
featuring a miniature train with room for a handful of kids and a few adults.
So who wants to go on a train ride?!
Rolli, Vivian and Jaxon with their boarding passes.
Very official.

Here comes the train!

"All aboard!"

Of course Vivian got dibs on Mommy's lap.

"Look at me!"
"Big TRAIN!"

Now back to Pear-A-Dise Station.

Totally worth $2 tickets!
Plus we got to hang-out with the nicest kid around and his twin brothers :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

8 mile (kinda)

This weather is PERFECT for being out doors... especially out in the woods.
Rolli, Vivian and me decided to go on a short notice hike with Becky up the 8 Mile trail.
We packed some snacks and loaded Bella into the car (only 30 minutes behind schedule)
I think we where all excited to get out!

After driving an hour to the trail head I realized that I needed a wilderness pass
and there was an obvious "no dogs" sign too.
Of course I didn't have the pass and Bella was already whining to get out.
Aaargh!  We couldn't turn back before we even started?!
Luckily we saw an old, closed road off to the side... dogs allowed.
And I'd rather pay the ticket for no pass than drive back home without a hike.

Becky and Rolli.
Both are happy with our not quite 8 Mile trail.

Vivian and Me.
Thankful for fresh air and a hot sun.

Laying in the little, tiny, hidden creek.
Trying to cool off from all her running around sniffing and exploring.

Packing their own weight.

Rolli and Bella in the lead.
"C'mon!  Run!  This way!"

There will always be rocks to climb in Rolli's world.

And pictures to pose for in Vivian's world.

"Road Closed"
Open to Becky, Hannah, Rollli, Vivian and Bella :)

Before leaving we had to at least take a peek at 8 Mile Creek.

Then I thought it would be fun to end our day with a backyard camp out.
Me, Rolli and Vivian sleeping in the tent.

We love this weather!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Rolli and Vivian have been talking about helicopters.
Daddy's helicopters in particular.
Probably because I've been telling them what Daddy does for work...
then we watch YouTube videos on helicopters...
and race around the yard like helicopters.
That's a whole-lotta helicopter activity!

It was time to visit Daddy at work and tour the helicopters.
We packed some popsicles to share and drove all the way to the Chelan airport.

"Mom!  Daddy's big helicopter!"
Rolli and Vivian checking out the crew area.
Buckled in and ready for a flight!

"Bye Mom!"
This kid really was ready for a flight.
"Up in the sky."

The kids got to watch this helicopter spool up and take off.

"Bye helicopter."

Rolli and Daddy in front of the Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger. 
The smoke from the fire is behind the helicopter in the distance.

Rolli had to sneak in a hug from Daddy.

Vivian and Mommy.

The next morning Rolli came out of our room wearing my boots and said 
"work Daddy big fire pit."
"I'm going to work with Daddy on the fire."

Sheesh!  These kids love their Daddy!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

afternoon craft

I like to spend time with my kids being crafty.  
I came up with this last week.  
A silly face on a clear plastic cup filled with dirt and planted with grass seed.
In a couple of weeks the grass 'hair' will be long enough for a trim.
Cute idea...right?

Well, each kid got as far as glueing two googly eyes to their cup.
Then it turned in to a free-for-all with the glitter glue.
Rolli and Vivian are lucky that they are so cute and loved.
Otherwise I might have been upset at the blatant disregard to the instructions.

I just want to kiss all of those sparkles off of his little face.

"Mom!  You're embarrassing me!"
This kid is such a lover.

Vivian was clearly the instigator.

This little girl is filled to the top with personality and glitter.

Those eyes...

I think our next 'craft' should involve textures.