Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fair 2014!

It's fair time again!
Well, actually the Chelan County Fair is over now.
We went last Friday with Aunt Lindsey and Miles.

Rolli, Viv, Colter and Me started this year's fair experience in the 
youth open class art section.
Rolli and Viv both received blue ribbons (5 each) on all of their salt dough creations!

Next a short tour through the animal barns.

The pig barn.
Vivian, Rolli and Miles all agreed that the pigs where stinky and not very soft.

Look close and you can see the big horns on this goat.
Wow!  Miles said this must be "the King".

Viv and Rolli petting a freshly bathed goat.

Looking like a big kid in his new ride.
But not very happy about being confined.
I'm sure he would have LOVED to terrorize the entire fair grounds.

Viv and Rolli petting the softest bunny named "Oreo".

Then we moved on to the anticipated carnival rides.

With unlimited ride bracelets the three cousins had some crazy fun! 




Vivian and Rolli riding the airplanes again!

Miles, Vivian and Rolli.
Ready for the Dragon Rollercoaster!


A little carnival game fun!

Me and Colter watching the big kids on the rides.

The cousins on the Flying Dragon.

Rolli, Vivian and Miles.

Going through the clear wall and glass maze.
Silly stuff!

Down the slide!

This was a really slick slide.


Rockin' Tug Boat.
Viv and Rolli sat facing Miles for this ride :)

The Haunted House!

Rolli was the only kid who would go through the Haunted House.
And he loved it!
We went through it at least 4 times!

Mommy and Rolli from inside the Haunted House :)
Fun times with my brave guy!

The Dragon's Belly!
I think this ride was their FAVorite!!
Lindsey and I could hear all three cousins laughing as they spinned past us :)

Few that was a lot of rides for my little 4-year-olds.

We had to refuel with sno cones and live country music before calling it enough.

Viv is already talking about the "project" that she is going to make for next year's fair.
And Rolli just wants to go on rides.
I can't wait to go again next year!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Coon Lake

The hike to Coon Lake.
This was a short, hot hike and we almost didn't make it.
Luckily Daddy was willing to carry Vivian.

And Rolli is super strong!

Wallace Family.
Yay!  We hiked to Coon Lake!

Coon Lake.

Mommy and Colter.
Watching the twins swim with Daddy.

Daddy and Rolli getting in the water.
Rolli loved this!
Dragon flies where hovering all around him in the lake!

Daddy and Vivian.
Vivi liked the refreshing dip but not the sticky trail dirt afterwards.

Well worth the hike!
But I sure can't wait until the kids are able to hike without complaining!