Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Colter!

Happy 1st Birthday to our lil' Buddy!
Rolli and Viv picked out ColT's cake.
Apple cake drizzled with carmel sauce and topped with whipped cream.
He's a lucky one-year-old!

Birthday Piñata! 
Marshall and the Twins made a beautiful sun and flower piñata for my special day :)
We all agreed that it'd be the perfect party addition for Colter's first annual celebration.

Sweet nap time for the Birthday Boy and Grandpa Rolli :)

We all LOVE you Colter Lee!

P.S.  Once again I missed every single photo opportunity with Colter smiling.
If anyone has some pics to share that'd be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"P" is for pumpkin

Fall harvest is nearly over (if not already) and Halloween is just a week away.
Time to pick out our pumpkins for carving!

Me and the kiddos drove out to Smallwoods 
and spent a rainy afternoon visiting the 
petting zoo before choosing our favorite pumpkins.
Vivian and Mr. Friendly Bunny.

Rolli, "Mom!  Take a picture of me how close I am to those little birdies."
If you'll look really close off to Rolli's right next to the green hose 
you may be able to spot two small birds which Rollin thought where particularly close to him.  

This Llama Dude came out in the rain to greet his lone visitors (us).

I'm literally Laughing Out Loud at this picture!
Taken by my personal photographer, Vivian.

Sweet Miss Mae and the noisy geese.


Rolli and Viv where excited to see the piggies out enjoying the mud :)

"He likes us!"

The goat was more interested in Colter than Colter was in the goat.

These smart guys where trying to stay dry.


Measuring up!

We found the pumpkins!

Rolli's pumpkin weighed 43lbs and was by far the biggest of the 3 that we brought home.

Thanks for the fun, rainy day!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rusty (red) Bridge

Birthdays come and go.
I always make a special wish on my special day.
This year my birthday wish was to go for a hike with my family.
Lucky me...

My wish came true!

Me and my family out for a hike on my birthday!

We hiked this short, lovely hike up the Tumwater and across the Red Bridge.

Rollin and his pirate pose.
(This is how pirate's stand at the front of their ship)

Vivian and the biggest fall leaf ever!

Beautiful Bella.

Colter along for the ride.

Best buddies.

Colter, me and Marshall.

Mischievous Vivian could not stay away from the puddles.
I think she jumped in every single one.

This is the only puddle that Rolli jumped in.

Tricked us all and didn't even land in the puddle.

The best view.

A lesson on the life cycle of salmon.

My favorite husband.

Colter loves his Daddy.

Rolli and his stick...
that was taller than him...
and he still insisted on carry all the way back to the car.

Thanks for my birthday hike!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Vivian's first ballet

Me and Vivian went on a date to the Cinderella Ballet!
Wearing our prettiest dresses for the evening!
Viv was most excited about what we where going to wear :)
I love this girl!

Sitting in the 3rd row and ready for the ballet to start!!
For the first act Vivian sat perfectly still and didn't miss a dance move.
During the second act she got a little wiggly and we skipped out on the 3rd act.

Intermission may have been my favorite part.
Only because Vivian couldn't help but dance like a ballerina!

Good times with my mini :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our Family (professional) Pictures 2014

Wallace Family 2014
Me and Marshall have the BEST looking off spring!

But they sure are a challenge to photograph.

This lil' man is always on the move (most of my pictures of him are blurry)
and he only laughs at the funniest of funny jokes.
But when he does smile it's priceless!
Guess I'll have to settle for blurry smiling pictures of him :)
And that's okay, cuz that's our reality!

Me and my biggest fan :)

Daddy, Vivian and Colter.
Rollin was refusing to participate during this scene.

Our sweet flock of birdies.
This picture actually says a lot.
Rolli is smiling his best smile so that he can go back to searching for treasure,
Vivian is being a good lil mommy holding on tight to Colter while stealing the spot light,
and Colter is doing his best to break free and explore on his own.

Eyes like the sky.

Eyes like river rocks.

The best of pals!

The trio.

These two stole my heart!

My super hero and me :)

When I came home from work last week the 5 of us sat outside and looked at the moon.
In that moment Vivian announced that she liked it when we are a "whole family".
Rolli agreed.  We all agree :)
Our Whole Family!

Thanks to Erica Moshe for being patient with our feral children 
while photographing our faces!