Monday, August 25, 2014

Rainbow Falls and the school

For our first day in Stehekin we visited Rainbow Falls.
Colter and Mommy at the base of the falls.

The short hike to the viewing point.

And all the energy of Rainbow Falls!

Daddy Marshall.
This guy was the only one who would pose for a picture :)

Daddy showing the twins what licorice fern is.
They didn't like it.

Beautiful Miss Mae enjoying the beauty of Rainbow Falls.

Daddy and Rolli being boys and throwing rocks into the water :)

Vivian, Colter and Mommy.

After our lunch break at Rainbow Falls we took a short stroll to the original Stehekin school.
Vivian and Rollin.
Ready for school.

Class is in session.

Teacher Vivian.
This could easily be her future.
She's a natural ;)

Teacher Rollin.
Definitely a know-it-all. 

Mommy, Colter, Daddy and Rolli.
Schools out for summer!

Friday, August 22, 2014


We took a mini summer family vacation to Stehekin!
And we loved it!
Mommy, Colter, Vivian and Rollin
We rode the early Lady Express ferry up Lake Chelan in our pj's :)

The Stehekin Valley Ranch hosted us with a tent cabin and 3 delicious meals a day.
*excuse the blurry picture, our photographer was grumpy.

A view from the beautiful Stehekin Valley Ranch.
Photo credit to Vivian Mae :)

Rolli and Vivian.
Being silly on the shuttle bus.

ColT and Daddy.
The only relaxing time was when our lil' Animal was napping.

Rolli and Vivian with their new friends who where also guests at the Ranch.
Big "Thank You!" to this group of kids for sharing their vacation time with our wild birdies!

This was Vivian's favorite part of our trip!
She loved playing with "those girls."

Stehekin is just the perfect place for making new friends!

This was Colter's favorite part of our vacation.
Eating rocks, dirt, grass and sticks.
The kid even came home with slivers in his fingers.
He does not like to be confined and was too happy exploring the open grounds.

Colter and Mommy.
Fun times on the swing!

Vivian and Rollin.
Everyone wanted a turn on the "Horse."

The most awesome tire swing ever!

A short visit to the "Garden."
Just enough time for Daddy to explain the beehives.

Junior Ranger Rollin!
This was Rolli's favorite part of the trip!
He was sworn in as an official Junior Ranger.
Everyone clapped and cheered!
And Rolli kissed his new badge and gave us a 'thumbs ups'!

Junior Ranger Vivian.
She and Rolli each finished 5 activities before earning their badges!

So long Stehekin!
Until next time!!

PS… I still have more pictures from Rainbow Falls and Coon Lake to share!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Morning Sun

Thank you to the Dronens for sharing their cabin with us!
Where were able to snuggle with our favorite firefighter (Daddy)!
and woke up to a beautiful morning on the Lake :)