Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tea Party!

Look what came in the mail a couple weeks ago!
It's an invitation :)

To Rolli and Viv for a real Tea Party!!

We where excited all week with anticipation.
Vivian spent the morning of the party getting ready.
She picked our her Cinderella panties with her princess dress 
and a few of my accessories to wear.
Rolli chose his 'ninja' costume with his bee costume as back-up.

Two little peas in a rocking chair, 
waiting for the other guests to arrive.

Princess Vivian.

'Ninja' Rolli bird watching with Granpie's binoculars.

The cousins getting a closer look at the wildlife.
Rolli and Vivian think that the birds and squirrels are always hungry at Granpie's house.

Tea Time!!

"On the count of '3' look away from the camera!"
not even a second before I took this picture these three where all smiling nicely at the camera.

Isn't that just the sweetest Tea Party?!
The table is set with a little hand painted tea set.
Rin made delicious peanut butter and banana on white bread sandwiches with strawberries, pretzels, celery and peanut butter, cheese squares on Hawaiian shell toothpicks 
and high class apple juice.
There where fireman hats for each of the honored guests 
and Rin even made Vivian a special hostess hat.
Of course the kids tossed the hats aside and dug right into the food.  

Vivian and me.
I couldn't resist and joined the Tea Party too :)

When the last guest (Cade) arrived the 4 kids all went outside to fight zombies and other sorts of bad guys.  They ran and ran and ran circles around the house.  
Rolli absolutely LOves playing with the older boys.
Vivian loves to have me hold her and follow after the boys so that she doesn't miss anything.

After all that running around these Tea Party attendants where hungry for cupcakes 
and hot chocolate with a candy cane for stirring.

Vivian looks right where she should be...
dressed like a princess at a Tea Party!

It made me smile to see rough-n-tough Rolli boy drinking out of such a dainty cup.

A big "Thank You" to Rin for hosting the Tea Party!
And especially for letting Vivian take credit as the hostess!
We all had loads of fun!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fly Catcher

Oh dear!
Rolli spotted a fly in our house and he just realized that our 
is still at Grandma Jean's house... what will we ever do?!

Luckily, Rolli remembered that he still has the "Crab" from Miles.

I'm not going to lie... 
My first thought was "Wow.  This could keep him busy for a while."
I thought wrong.
Then it got away...
Then Rolli caught it again!
Even though it was a slow fly I was still impressed.

Next, we put the poor little fly in the freezer.
Once he was shocked and maybe just a bit frozen 
we carefully tied a piece of thread around the fly's belly.

This last step officially converted the fly from wild to domesticated.
Pet's life was brought to an abrupt end 
when Vivian took him for a walk and accidently ripped his abdomen off.
It turns out that we aren't very good fly owners.
Fortunately Pet wasn't around long enough for any of us to get attached.

I think we are now ready for something a little more hardy...
like baby chicks!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

flying with Daddy!

Rollin and Vivian absolutely love their Daddy!
And after today they have more proof that he really is that cool.

Last year me and the kids went and watched Marshall practice take-offs and landings.
Since then we've been promising them that they could 'some day' go for a flight too.
Today was that day!

Rolli and Vivian watching Daddy pre-check the airplane.

They (we) could hardly wait to get in the plane (Cessna 172)


Buckled in.

Head sets on.



We are in the air!




Daddy's favorite flight crew ;)

Me and Marshall :)

On our way up river to Grandpa and Grandma's house!

"Hi Grandpa Bob!"

If you look REALLY, Really, really close you may just see
Grandpa Bob, Grandma Jean, Aunt Lindsey, Grammie Kathy, Steve 
and Aunt Janice and Uncle Bob too!
Thanks for the TP sign!

"Hi Grandpa Bob!"

Just like we could hear everyone on the ground yelling,
I'm sure everyone on the ground could hear us yelling too ;)

There is Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jean's house 
with Aunt Janice and Uncle Rob's house next door.
This picture really shows just how hard we where banking.

One last look at Grandpa's house before we head back to base.

Marshall's favorite co-pilot ;)

My favorite pilot ;)

An absolutely beautiful day for a family flight over the valley we call home.

Ready to land.
These two short-on-attention toddlers got over the initial excitement 
about 30 minutes into our 40 minute flight.

Today's flight couldn't have been more perfect!
Rolli and Vivian where 100% comfortable sitting in the loud, rattling, flying airplane.
You wouldn't even know that Rolli woke up feeling sick, what a trooper.
They figured out the head sets right away and we where all talking back and forth with ease.
Just the first of many flights to come!

Friday, April 12, 2013

real Easter Eggs!

Rolli and Vivian had the opportunity to collect real Easter eggs!
Thanks to Auntie Esther and her healthy little country flock  :)
Thanks to Great Grandma Pat for the Easter baskets ;)
Rollin collecting freshly warm farm eggs!

Rolli and his chicken loot!
This farm kid was very gentle with his fragile find.
He didn't break a single egg!

The chicken was hiding eggs!
Vivian collecting a basket full after the little hen was shoed off the nest.
Viv liked the 'experimenting' part of egg collecting.
She broke at least 3 eggs, just to test our warning:
"Be careful or the eggs will break."

"See, Mom.  Eggs!"

Rolli and Vivian telling the chickens "thanks for the eggs!"

Next stop:  the farm kitchen!

Vivian with her damaged goods.

The kid's individual personalities have really been shining lately.
Rolli is a sweet, loving, cuddly, BOY.  He is all boy.  Even when he wants to wear nail polish.
Vivian is a strong minded, busy, GIRL.  She can't help but learn her own lessons.  
Always experimenting, cleaning, bossing and changing her clothes.

It was fun to spend a long weekend at my sister's farm watching these two individuals 
interact with their cousins and the variety of country animals.
My camera battery died right after the egg collecting expedition.
Which means I missed the highlight of the trip...
Baby horse Strider was born while we were there!!
 How lucky are we to spend quality time with family
  and be able to introduce my kids to a brand new baby horse!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cupcakes and Great moments

We always cherish our visits with family.
While we where in Oregon for Easter weekend me and the kids made an extra special trip to spend some time with the Greats (that's Grandma and Grandpa Dudek).
We treated Grandma and Grandpa (and ourselves plus Rachel) to cupcakes.
It was supposed to be an early birthday treat for Grandpa Wally.
But really it was a treat for all of us ;)

After cupcakes Rolli and Vivian ran some energy off in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard.

Grandma Pat and Rolli trying to relax in the swing while busy Vivian gives them a push.

Lots of exploring to do when you're in someone else's yard!

Sweet Great Grandma Pat singing to a snuggly Vivian and Rolli before our visit has to end.

I just can't say how much we LOVE our trips to Oregon!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's a Party!!!

Rollin and Vivian love to PARTY!...
Just about as much as their Mom ;)
So you know what that means... another big birthday party for my 3-year-old babies.

My little helpers on clean-up duty during the birthday ice cream production.

Pre-party hike with Grandma (and Grandpa and Bella too).

The birthday boys filling their bellies before chaos descends on the house.

Grammie Kathy securing Vivian's choice party dress.

Next arrive the guests and the party starts!

My favorite part.

Kora blindfolded and ready to spin.

The youngest contestant, Canyon. 

You can't really put a cherry in the wrong spot when it comes to an ice cream sundae.

This might have been everyone else's favorite part.
Ballon animals by Marshall!!
(one of the many reasons why I love this guy)

Vivian watching me attempt a ballon animal too.

Don't forget the ice cream!

Happy Birthday Rollin and Vivian!!

Homemade ice cream with all the toppings and a cherry too :)

Happy Birthday Vivian!

Happy Birthday Rolli!

Birthday presents in action!

Vivian, rockin' her style like always.

Thanks to everyone who joined our birthday celebration!