Friday, January 25, 2013


I finally picked up the picture we had taken with Santa before Christmas.
The Saturday just before Christmas the 4 of us went sledding in the deep white snow.
We warmed up by treating ourselves to hot chocolate and a visit with Santa.
Vivian couldn't wait to say "Hi!"
And Rolli only asked for candy.
Of course the idea was to have the kiddos sit on Santa's lap 
but they wouldn't have anything to do with that jolly man
unless Mom and Dad where right there too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good night Hawaii

I love to watch the sunset!
Especially over the ocean... in Hawaii.

Watching the sunset with my favorite Loves is the best thing ever!

Love these two and their Daddy!

Looking back towards the condo just before sunset.
(the condos are to the right of the church).

Sunset from the condo lanai.
Absolutely calming.

That it's!
Those are the last pictures that I have to share from Hawaii.
Thanks again to Bob and Jean for sharing their vacation!

Friday, January 18, 2013

jeep lullabies

 All the excitment of vacation made nap time challenging.  
Rolli and Vivian just did not want to take a break from all of the adventuring.
But all the activity created two very tired toddlers. 
The jeep was our nap time solution.

This handsome man was our driver.

These two sweat peas where our nappers.

And this was our view 
as we drove around letting the ride cox Rolli and Vivian into their dreams.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Park in Kona

We didn't fly all the way to Hawaii just to take the kids to a playground...
but we did!
and Kamakana Playground was the best park we've ever been too!
Play date with Daddy.

And they're off!

Vivian and Mommy next to the 'volcanoe'.

"Hold on Viv!"

Wave rider :)

Climbing on the nearly life size whale.

Flying on the swings!

Vivian's swing flying ended with a mouth full of gravel.
And that was the end of our adventures at the coolest park ever.

Of course a little bloody mouth calls for a tasty Hawaiian ice cream treat!

We'll be back!...
To the playground and for cold treats :)

Check out this flicker group if you want to see more of way we loved this place.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keiki Ponds

On our way to the Keiki (kid) Ponds for a little morning sunshine.

Miss Sunshine Mae excited to find that we had the beach all to ourselves.

Doesn't the water look perfect for kiddos?!

Rolli and Mommy.

Rolli, Vivian and Daddy.

Exploring the lava rocks.

Watching all the fish in the tide pool.

Rolli being a boy.

A beautiful morning at the Keiki Ponds!

Marshall and me :)

Thanks to Grandma Jean for asking around and finding this little spot!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


How lucky are we?!
We where able to take a family vacation in Hawaii...
And then Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jean treated us to a play date with the dolphins!!
or maybe spoiled.
Of course my Grandma Patricia says "you're not spoiled you are loved."
Perhaps a little of both ;)

Eagerly awaiting our turn in the water with the dolphins.

Learning the play date rules.
I think Rolli and Vivian will forever remember "don't touch the blow hole."

Now it's our turn!

Hello Dolphin!

Such smooth skin...
just like a wet hot dog... hmmm.

Tickle, tickle.

Fishy treats for dolphin tricks.

This silly dolphin makes funny noises.

Wallace family and our new friend Dolphin!

Wow!  That was an amazing experience!
I am thankful for the memories.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

A sea turtle at the beach!

In search of a green sea turtle ("onu" in Hawaiian)
Through the lava fields and to the beach!

Beautiful beach!

Forget the turtles... Viv and Rolli where just happy playing in the waves.

Warm, salty ocean water.

Feels so good on our feet.

One adventurous soul standing at the edge of the world.

"The sea turtles are this way!"

Getting there is half the adventure (unless it involves a plane ride) .


Found one!

"Hi Turtle."

They wanted to get just a little closer.

Too close... the turtle is outta here.

"Bye Turtle."
It was nice to meet you.
Sorry for interrupting your rest.

And this is why I'm in LOVE.