Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013


Rolli and Vivian (and their cousin Miles) 
did a great job participating in the last Fire Tots soccer session!
Thanks to their Daddy Marshall for taking them every week.
Unfortunately when I take them to soccer all they want to do is sit on my lap :(

(in her custom altered team shirt)


*Just an FYI...
My laptop, which I do most of my blog post from, is on it's way out.
Boo :/
So the blog posts may be a bit spaced out for a while.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall is falling!

I love the changing of seasons!
The 5 of us have been enjoying our crisp, bright fall days.
Rolli and Vivian trying to catch the leafs and "helicopters"
 that Marshall was knocking out of the tree.
Simple fun in the fresh air :) 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jacobson Preserve

It's November and we just hiked the last of 5 hikes to complete the
Land Trust Challenge!

Actually, to be honest, 
we turned around a little shy of the top 
because it was too windy and cold for me and baby Colter.
But we are still counting Jacobson Preserve as completed.
Rolli and Viv hiked well despite the bone chilling wind.
Colter slept through most of the hike all snuggled up to Mommy :)

Rolli and his strong little legs leading the way.

Momma Vivian insisted that she bring her new baby, Izzy II, along for the hike.

Daddy spotted a puff ball mushroom!

Rolli, always finding rocks to jump off of.

Cold wind and a crisp sky.

These tired kiddos are lucky to have a strong Daddy 
who loves them enough to carry them both back down the hill.

Me and Colter followed our favorite 4 as we raced to get back to our warm car!

Congratulations to Rolli and Vivian for hiking (or mostly hiking) all 5 hikes of the Challenge!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

randomness in October

Just a few random photos from October to share...

We missed the official Homemade Cookie Day on October 1st.
But we didn't waste anytime getting cookies baked on October 2nd!
Rolli is such a little helper in the kitchen!
He really does do a good job measuring, mixing and waiting.

Vivian's favorite part of 'helping' in the kitchen is the tasting part.
She can't keep her little fingers out of anything!

During this last pregnancy I was often asked,
"Are you a lot smaller with just one baby?"
Well, see for yourself.
36 weeks pregnant with twins.

36 weeks pregnant with a singleton baby.

Vivian and Rolli helping to celebrate my birthday with a trip to the cupcake shop.

My busy body princess sat perfectly still for her pedicure.

Me and Vivian treated Amy to a pedicure for her baby shower.
We can't wait for Baby Girl Verellen to join our us for our next spa day!

Homemade popovers thanks to our productive laying flock
with cherry jam thanks to Grandma Jean
and apricot jam thanks to Becky :)

Rolli ready to go fishing with Grandpa Rollin and Daddy.
This mini fisherman brought home 3 trout (1 caught by his Dad)!

Till next time....

Monday, November 4, 2013


Rolli, Vivian and Marshall.
Picking out our pumpkins at Smallwoods!

On Halloween Marshall took the twins trick-o-treating in Cashmere with their cousin.

Ladybug Vivian.
She wanted to be a ladybug again even though I bought her a brand new Cinderella dress.

Spiderman with his Easter egg basket.
This kid was in too much of a hurry to hit the candy streets.
Wouldn't even stop and smile for one picture.

While his big brother and sister where out getting high on sugar
Colter stayed home getting drunk on milk.
He suckled so hard he darn near ate his bottom lip.
Then he passed out drooling.
No shame.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Birth Day Party!

Marshall, Rolli and Viv helped me celebrate Colter's birth with a little party! 
Marshall, me, Rolli, Colter and Vivian.
This is the only picture of all 5 of us together (and you can barely see Viv).

We sang "Happy Birthday!" to Colter.
Then Rolli and Viv got to open their gifts from Colter ;)

It was a real PAR-tee!
Lots of noise and a bit of craziness.

Poor Daddy was so tired during the celebration.
He was up all night with me but without the endorphins of childbirth. 

Happy Birth Day Colter!!