Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sauer's Mountain

Sauer's Mountain
With 3 friends, the twins, and two dogs.
Rolli and Vivian's (and Stacia's) first trip up to Sauer's Mountain.
This is a leisure 5 mile round trip hike starting in Peshastin.
Mr. Sauer lives at the trail head.  He is the one responsible for building the trail.
Thanks Mr. Sauer!  We  love this hike!

One of the several totem poles along the beginning of the trail.

A little something to look at as you hike by.

Rolli, Stacia, Vivian, and Me.
Thanks Stacia for packing Rolli.

The squad.
Katie, Hannah (and Vivian), Stacia, Rolli, Bella, and Paxon.

Bella and Paxon at the top.
Bella ran, ran, and chased anything that moved!

Katie and Paxon at the top.

It is always a beautiful view... 
today it was a little cloudy so we couldn't see all of the peaks in the distance.

Rolli at the top.

My handsome soon-to-be little hiker.
Don't mind the dirt on his face... he's natural.

My busy soon-to-be little hiker.
Stacia at the top.

Katie, Stacia, and Rolli.
Next to random pole tepees along the trail.

Bald Eagle!
Rolli, Me, and Vivian.
Almost back to the truck.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, Father's Day was June 19th.  
But Marshall was on assignment so he didn't get his gifts until Sunday when he got back.
The gifts that Rolli and Vivian made for their Dad at daycare.

A warm pack that I made for Marshall.
Not only was it really hard to trace the kids hands (I had Marshall's help for that part) but it was really hard to sew around them too.  I used all scraps so I only had to spend $5 for flax seed.  I added dry sage from our garden, gives it a nice smell when heated.

(I probably should have washed it before taken a picture so you wouldn't see my pencil marks)
Hopefully Daddy can relax now after working so hard.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

road trip (part six)

another road trip posting... you'd think we were gone forever.
Nope.  Just 4 days and 4 nights.

so here is the last of our great 
"Road Trip 2011" 
with Grandpa and Grandma.

It's a video of silly Grandpa in the backseat with a couple of delirious babies.

(just click on the link and it'll take you to YouTube)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

road trip (part five)

Of course we had to make a rest stop in
Wallace, Idaho!
Me, Rolli, and Vivian Wallace in Wallace, ID

We stretched our legs at the historic miners semi-interactive park.

Rolli and Vivian walking through the 'mine tunnel'.

The kids checking out something mine'ish.
Can you tell Rolli is freezing.

Grandpa Rollin, Vivian, Me, and Rolli in the 'explosion demo tunnel'.

Rolli and Vivian

Me, Vivian, and Rolli

Vivian doing a little dance on top of a cage of rocks.

Back to the car.  Only 6 more hours to go!

Friday, June 24, 2011

fish hatchery

After spending all week hanging out with snotty daycare kids Rolli and Vivian needed to spend some time with their cool kid cousin Miles.  
Bella needed to see her dog friends like no other.
We met Grandpa Roger, Kona, Aunt Lindsey, Miles, and Atticus at the fish hatchery.

Shout out to cousin Miles for letting Rolli and Vivian ride his tricycle!

Vivian and Rolli taking turns.
(only because I made them, otherwise Vivian would have pushed Rolli off and ran him over without blinking an eye.  And Rolli would have just thrown an ape fit in the middle of the road, accomplishing nothing.  Sharing.  It's such a hard lesson to comprehend.) 

Rolli steering the tricycle in circles while Vivian proudly pushes.

*you might have noticed how quickly I am able to get pictures posted...
I love vacation time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

road trip (part four)

the Wedding!
Fun, FUN, fUn, fun!
When Grandma Debie cooks the line is always long!
The couple mingled with guests as everyone ate before the ceremony.
Food before wedding... 
a great way to make the guests happy and insure that they are all present for the ceremony.

Vivian and me.  

Rolli, my handsome son, bringing me flowers.

Me, Rolli, and Vivian.
I thought the wrap would be a great way to keep both babies in line during the ceremony.

...waiting for the wedding party to start the walk...
trying to keep the kids from poking each others eyes out...
great, the ceremony is about to start and my idea is not working out...
no, I could not keep them together in the wrap...

Grandpa had to take Vivian.

Mr and Mrs Coltor Barnes!

Yum!  Cake! 
 and right at the perfect height for busy twin toddlers and shameless dogs.
Thankfully the bride and groom had the first taste.

This little girl doesn't miss a thing when it comes to food.
She saw right away that everyone had cake.
Thanks Grandma for letting me share your cake!

This kid was a little slower to realize that there was cake to be eaten.
But after he got his first bite he wanted MORE.
All those empty calories kept him on the dance floor till at least 8pm.

Long time friends.
Adele (mother-of-the-groom) and Debie.

Ron Barnes (father-of-the-groom)

Adele, Wesley, Julie, Hannah, and Vivian.
So much chatting to do... so little time...

Sara and Shane Barnes
(I feel like I should make a comment about Shane's hair... but at least it kept his head dry)

Vivian wrangled the garbage can lid, threw it on the ground and started dancing!
She couldn't be happier with herself!

What a goof!

Rolli loved the live music!

This happen' little girl was tearin' up the dance floor!
She grabbed Rolli as her partner and was trying to twirl him around.
Way too cute!

Vivian and Me saving Rolli from the slippery dance floor.
Rolli wanted to keep on dancing with everyone else but the rain made things slick enough so that the guy just kept falling on his face.

"Um, Rolli, those are girl shoes."

Vivian says, "I'll be your BFF if you let me wear your shoes."

Rolli and Vivian kept pushing the chairs over and laughing.
Why is this funny?  

Even past his bedtime Rolli is all smiles.

These two think something is funny!

Not even the rain slowed this celebration down!

Always a good time with the Barnes family!