Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rollie Pollie home

We have an endless supply of Rollie Pollies in our backyard!
And if you hadn't heard this before...
RPs are loads of fun on little hands!

They tickle-tickle as their little bodies unroll and crawl around.

Lots of fun to watch too!
This isn't the first time a few RPs have made it into the house.
I decided it was time they had a 'home' of their own!

We made a small shopping list and went searching.

"Look Mom!  A Rollie Pollie!"

RPs like dirt just like these two :)

Then we added a small plant, a few plastic bugs, a couple of dump trucks and one princess.

Rolli and Vivian where so very proud!

And now we have a new center piece on our table.
(Minus the princess because Vivian decided she didn't belong in the RP house)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hiking with blue skies!

While the kids where napping I heard today's blue skies inviting us for a hike.
We graciously accepted.
Our PCT finisher Stacia, McKinnely, Michelle and Gunner joined us.
At this pace Rolli and Vivian will be able to hike to the very top of Castle Rock by 2nd grade.

While the kids where having fun in Oregon on the farm,
Bella was sleeping all night while I worked and then again all day while I slept.
Poor Bella needed this hike.
And Rolli was even nice enough to throw rocks down the hill for her to chase.


Vivian, in her happy place.

Stacia and Michelle continuing the hike.

I love having these two around :)


"C'mon Mom!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In love with Oregon!

I always have such a good time visiting our family and friends in Oregon!
Rolli and Vivian where having way too much fun exploring, dancing, swimming, loving, ect.

"Over there!"
This is the same deer that Hannah Ann met as a toddler too.
In Great Grandma & Grandpa Dudek's backyard.

Vivian LOVES Grandma Pat (and her walking cane).

Celebrating Grandma Pat's birthday.
She got two candles because she is TOO old ;)

We also helped celebrate 2nd cousin Karson's birthday (more cake)
and today is Uncle Milt's birthday (maybe even more cake).

Vivian sporting her tattoo from Karson's party.

In the hot tub with the girls.
He is too happy!

I love this (really blurry) picture!
These two are always on the move!
Running around at our cousin Sara's wedding.
That's right... wedding = more cake!

Vivian and Great GRANDma Patricia.

We even visited with Uncle Terry and Aunt Diane!

And that is why I love Oregon :)

Rolli and Vivian will be learning all about farm life for the next week while Marshall and I work.
I hope you have a fun week!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Reptile Zoo

The drive to LaPush was an all day ordeal and somewhat of a challenge the 2 toddlers.
We planned our route home through Monroe,
just so that we could take a break at the Reptile Zoo.
And what a good idea that was!
Rolli and Vivian LOVED it!!

We saw all sorts of reptiles.
Snakes, crocodiles, iguanas, turtles, lizards, ect...

It's open 365 days a year.
Kids under 3 are free!

If I'm remember correctly most of the reptiles have been rescued from uncaring owners.

There where a lot of "Whoa!", "Look!", and "What's that?" said by Rolli and Vivian.

Rolli, Daddy and Vivian checking out the fattest rattle snack I've ever seen.

So many snakes!
So many different colors and sizes!

These big tortoises roomed around out back and the kids could just reach down and touch them.

There where even spiders, insects and bugs!

Vivian's reaction to the spiders...
"Eat it!" followed by this little girl opening her mouth and pretending to eat the spider.
For reals?!


The Reptile Zoo might just be my new favorite pit stop :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Fair time!

is the theme for this year's Chelan County Fair.
And today was the perfect day to check it out.

Miss Cool on our way to the fair.

Mr Sonshine on our way to the fair.

Our first stop inside the fair grounds was the animal show.
They had wolves, cougars, arctic foxes, snakes, porcupines, lizards and even birds! 

Maybe in a couple of years Rollin can volunteer to help out on the stage like these boys did.

Next stop was the best ever face painting booth!

Vivian held perfectly still and closed her eyes like a little fairy.

Rolli was kinda giddy about getting his face painted.
He is so silly sometimes.

Vivian's fairy eyes.

Vivian was in a rather serious mood.
And Rolli was flirting with all the girls.

Rolli and his dinosaur face painting.

I love the mouth!

Vivian loves glitter!

Then we where off to the barns!

Vivian was excited to see the pigs.
Until one of them made an unexpected noise.
I was actually embarrassed by her reaction.
It was that ridiculous.
She jumped, screamed, ran blindly and finally found my leg to climb up.
Poor girl... I laughed.

This sleeping pig has no idea that Rolli is saying "Hi!"

(if you look at Vivian's bed head it's obvious that we went after nap time)

"It's okay, it's okay."

"Smell my hand."

I kept telling the kids not to stick their hands into the animal cages.
Me, "Just put your hand out and let them come smell it."
Rolli, "Bite my hand?"
Me, "No.  Just keep your fingers out of the cages."
So Vivian was guiding Rolli around reminding him not to stick his hand in the cage.

"C'mon Rolli.  No hands, cage."
She is such a sweet Momma Sister.


"Smell hand?  Bunny, smell hand?"

This nice young lady let Vivian pet her chicken.
While Rolli snuck off to terrorize the turkey.

Rolli and Vivian thought it was the coolest thing to hear the rooster crow.
Not at all like Mommy has been teaching them...
hmm... maybe I should work on my animal imitations.

Very.  Very.  Short cow.
This is not an optical illusion.
It is seriously the shortest cow I have ever seen.

After we finished touring the animal barns you'll never guess what we found.


"Big Rock!"

We spent about as much time at the rocks as we did with the oddly short cow.

We didn't forget the rides.
I probably could have gotten away with just letting the twins simply watch.
But it was so much funnier to actually take them on their first carnival ride instead.
Partially by default (because of hight limitations) we picked the Dive Bomber.

Rolli piloting.

Mommy and Vivian riding as passengers.

It was a fun little ride.
Just fast enough to be exciting, but not to fast to scare.

Until next year...

*and in case you are wondering about the clarity of these photos, 
I took them with my phone.