Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Jubilee

Vivian has really improved her gymnastics skills this year.
She has worked hard and struggled through low motivation days.
I think her favorite part about gymnastics is that the neighbor girls are
 also always practicing around the yard and house.
And all three girls nearly live in their leotards.
Vivan just spent her own money on a new red and silver leo 
and has been wearing it every day since!

*excuse the poor quality pictures and video.
I took them using my phone while holding a sleeping baby.
Apple Valley Gymnastics put on a June Jubilee to show case all 
that the students have learned over the last year.  
It was an Olympic themed performance and all the students received a trophy.

Viv is too cute leading her class out and holding the torch.
Two short videos ...

Viv is so proud, excited about her trophy and happy to have her brothers share the spotlight!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bike n Juice

Last Saturday was the perfect day for the kids first Bike-n-Juice.
The twins where still pumped about their kindergarten graduation 
and Marshall was still home.
Plus the weather was just right.  Not too hot, not too cold.
All-in-all a great day for the start of summer vacation!
Colter all ready to race...
until the crowds showed up, then he decided he did Not want to race.
He chose to ride solo on the free style obstacle course instead.
That's our baby boy!

Free face painting!

Rolli loved his face painted snake!

Caleb (Rolli's inspiration for the race) and Rolli anxiously waiting for the race to start.

Look who's in FIRST place!
I spent all morning giving Rolli little talks about how he would most likely 
loose his first every bike race.  
I'm pretty sure that I just motivated him to win.

First Place Rolli and his proud Sissy.

Rolli enjoyed his victory all the way home!

With one win under his belt Rolli is already asking when the next race is :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kindergarten Graduation!

One year down!
12 more to go...
Rolli and Viv on their very last day of Kindergarten!

Kindergarten graduation marks the beginning of a lifetime of learning!
Rolli was sure proud to receive his diploma from Mrs. Hannah :)

Our smart young man,
with "karate" on his cap :)

Our excited socialite with diploma in hand :)

We are very proud of Mr. Know-it-All!
Hopefully his enthusiasm for learning and knowing everything will continue.

Our young party planner learning what she needs to know to plan a party :)
and forgetting the rest.

Vivian, one of Mrs. Connor's "Tender Hearts".
She had the sweetest class of kinders this year.

Rolli and his Buddies!

Viv and one of her classroom playmates.
And yes, that is Rolli giving bunny ears to his sister.

Oh' my heart is bursting :)

Now we are off to enjoying the summer!!