Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As I was talking with Marshall (who is still in Marshall, TX) I mentioned that I was kinda in the mood for him to buy me flowers and take me on a date.  Something we haven't done in a while.  I just miss hangin' out with the guy.  
Later that same day, I had just finished mowing the lawn 
(Vivian in the front carrier and Rolli in the backpack) 
and some stranger walked up to us... 
with flowers from my Husband!
The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  
I have my flowers... now for the date!

Thank You Love!

And I promise I'll shower, fix my hair, dress nice and not look like (above) I just mowed the lawn with two kids weighing me down.  Love you! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Bella went from our baby dog to the family dog.
Rolli and Vivian can say "Mama", "Dada" and "dog"
We love Bella!

Add a nice run, swim in the canal, maybe a short hike and that sums up Bella's life.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is here...

The garden is showing signs of fall.
The breeze is chilly this evening.
Fall quarter starts tomorrow.
Enjoying the last of our perfectly vine ripened to sweetness mini cantaloupes.

In the garden this afternoon (still in our pajamas) the kids helped me harvest the pumpkins.
I made pumpkins muffins and we snacked on vanilla yogurt with sugar pumpkin.

This face...

Such a strong helper.

The other morning Rolli and Vivian were busy in the garden with me.
Then I noticed that they had gotten quiet.
I found them quietly sitting in the carrots with the green peppers that they had picked.
Having a little morning snack.
They only took a couple bites each.
And acted like they were doing something naughty when I found them.
Silly garden kids!

Rolli running away with his loot.

Fall is here.
We WELCOME the changing season!

Harvest Festival

Yesterday We (Me, the kids, and Aunt Lindsey) walked to the St. Joseph's Harvest Festival.
I was excited because it was free admission.
But once we got there I realized there wasn't much for a couple of toddlers to do.

I made them stand in front of this backdrop for pictures.
Vivian and Rolli

I'm not sure that this was meant for picture taking.
It's starts a bit off the ground... perfect for a puppet show (that we didn't see).

Then we found the wheat pool!
Just what these two could do.

Almost like a sand box... but with wheat instead.

They were rolling and swimming around.

And we somehow managed to bring a large amount of wheat back home with us.

Maybe next year this Harvest Festival will be more exciting for us.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Rolli and Vivian are becoming quit the lil' climbers.
They can go from ground level to table top in no time flat!
The park is the best place for them to practice these mad skill.
Rolli on one of the many structures actually meant for climbing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grandpa Rollin and Grandma Debie came for a visit today!
(because I canceled our trip to Yakima.)
Go look who is here!
Even Bella was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa!

After nap time we enjoyed a delicious baked good from Petriola on the loop.

Rolli sharing some of his peanut butter cookie with Grandma...
notice how his check is already stuffed full of cookie.

Vivian double-fistin'-it with the cookies...
Grandpa thinks her eyes are bigger than her belly.
Vivian's new hat is handmade by Grandma Debie!

Rolli loved the sound this sculpture made.
Vivian just liked running wild through the flowers.

the Mighty Columbia and the Wallace twins.

Vivian found the apples that Grandpa Rollin brought from his tree.
She was kind enough to share them with her brother.

Thanks for the 'just-our-size' apples Grandpa!

We'll see you next time!

dog water

Don't ask me who's children these are... 
But I bet they'll make you smile (maybe even laugh).  Prays for their safety are welcomed ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sara & Mike

Sara and Mike's wedding was on Saturday at Fort Worden in Port Townsend.
Perfectly Lovely!
The wedding ceremony was the most beautiful thing, all their own.
Walking to the ceremony.
We thoroughly enjoyed this little stroll.
The Madrones were gorgeous.
And the air refreshing. 

Following the signs...

We must be on the right path!

Marshall and Rolli.
This was the view from the ceremony location.
(and yes, that does drop off to an under cut cliff.  I was nervous.)

Sharp looking kid.
(just a little side note:  the sandals were way too cute and not a bit practical.  Neither kid could keep their sandals on.  They just ran right out of them.  I'll have to think about how to fix that...) 

This kid is random.  Just lays down and takes a break.  Right there.

My Lovely daughter.

Handsome son.

I thought that with Marshall's help the kids would be manageable...
I thought wrong.
Usually I'm able to control them both on my own.
For some reason Rolli and Vivian had extra energy for the wedding.
Marshall had to take them for a walk just so that I could watch the wedding ceremony.
These kids are just BUSY!

Rolli staying active at the reception (outside).

Vivian looking for trouble.

Mike, Sara, Vivian, me, and Rolli.

The newly weds and us!

Mike and Sara make me smile!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Port Townsend

We just had the best couple of days traveling to Port Townsend for our friend's wedding!
It's always wonderful when we are able to embark on little mini-adventures as a family.

Daddy and Rolli waiting for the ferry in Seattle.

Vivian (thinking about her blanket still in the car) and me waiting for the ferry.

Rolli just enjoyed a delicious chocolate chip cookie from Becky.
And now he is taking advantage of being unbuckled in the car while we still wait.

Vivian on her first ferry ride!

This is how Vivian feels about the wind.

Vivian and me getting some fresh air on the ferry.

Vivian, Daddy, and Rolli on the ferry leaving Seattle.

Windblown family photo.
The guy who took this said "well, it'll be a nice picture of you two."
Rolli and Vivian didn't want to look into the wind.

I waited until Tuesday to make reservations for Friday.
Not my usual style but it was kinda last minute that Marshall was going to be able to go with us.
And I'm so glad that I waited.
Most everything in the town of Port Townsend was booked up (and way too expensive).
I found a little farm B & B just 12 miles outside of town.
Linda and Jim of Solstice Farm Bed & Breakfast happily welcomed us!...
busy toddlers too!

Solstice Farms was clean with ample room to wonder.
Exactly what this family needed!

Linda showing us the garden and collecting some stuff to feed to the animals.

The happy grass feed sheep.
We had delicious sheep sausage for breakfast.
Thanks for being so tasty.

Rolli and Daddy watching the pigs.

Me and Vivian watching the pigs.

Linda giving the pigs a little scratch.

Rolli has no fear.
He worries me sometimes.

After visiting with the animals we let the kids loose on the wild blackberries.
Nearly the whole road was lined with blackberry bushes.
Perfectly ripened to sweetness.
And there were plenty just the right height for Rolli and Vivian. 

Daddy loves blackberries too!

Rolli, Thanks for sharing!

Vivian LuUves her Daddy!

After exploring the farm for a bit and getting our fill of blackberries we took off for town.
Pizza for dinner followed by homemade local ice cream and a stroll around downtown.


These two are soooo busy and active!

We all slept well.
And woke up to a delicious breakfast of farm fresh eggs, hot crepes, local fruit, and coffee.

The Wallace family with the owners of Solstice Farm B & B.
Thanks for the warm stay!
We hope to return :)