Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beehive trout!

Daddy Marshall took his lil' school of fishies fishing for opening weekend last Sunday.
It was a beautiful day with a chilly wind up at Beehive.

We almost got skunked...
but fortunately our friends joined us and brought a bit of good luck (and skill).
Fish on!

Yay!  We caught our limit of rainbow trout!

Yum!  These where the most deliciously smoked fresh fish ever!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Karate in the Parade!

After 5 years of only watching the Apple Blossom Parades 
Rollin became a participant this year!
Ki Fighting Concepts
invited all it's students to represent their karate school in the youth parade.
Rolli was super excited to march as a Karate Kid
Colter and Vivian
walked behind the students with water, juice, snacks, balloons and the occasional cheer.

Our very own Karate Kid waiting for the parade to start.
This is the only time I caught Rollin sitting still.
Mostly Rolli and his buddy where 'practicing' their moves.

Follow this link to see a picture of the Ki Dragon that lead our group along the route.
-Wenatchee World Youth Parade photo gallery
(I was busy corralling wondering Karate Minnies at the back of the line 
so I didn't get any pictures of the front of the group)

All along the parade route the kids followed their Sensei's drill instructions.
Jumping jacks.
Rolli is this blonde kid in the back with a plain black shirt.

Notice the straight lines.
I was so proud of my young man and his classmates :)

Jab with a cross jab.
I think this is Rolli's favorite karate drill ;)
Vivian did an awesome job pushing Colter's stroller while I helped line out the kiddos.

Lots of push-ups!
I counted about 30 push-ups along the whole parade route.
That's a whole bunch for a 5 year old!

Good thing all the kids where rewarded with the traditional ice cream sandwich at the end!

Bonus for us:
Daddy came home late Friday night so he was able to drop us off and pick us up!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sand Tracks

While we where out adventuring last week we found all sorts of tracks in the sand.
And we finally figured out who is making this track!
(But Rollin is still convinced that the tracks are made by the "most dangerous viper snake") 

Even Colter was excited!

Rolli says he's our new friend.

Stink Beetle.

All around it was a beautiful day at the sand dunes.

Love this growing man who loves the sun and sand.

It was a good day of playing!

And in case anyone is interested...
Rolli and Viv have a home all planned out for us down by the river...
pending a worse case scenario when our house burns down...
of course we will have to be on high alert living here because of all the dangerous animals...
These kids sure do have entertaining imaginations!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

just livin' life...

We've been so preoccupied with just livin' life 
that I haven't had time to post any pictures of our ever adorable family ;)
And all the 'stuff' that has filled our days.
So here is a random collection of good times...
Exploring a cave that we found on one of our hikes.

My older 2 rock climbers.

Throwing rocks.

Homemade piƱata for a special birthday party!

Happy 5th Birthday to my FAVorite twins!
Notice how they are holding hands.
True love :)
And I'm sure you've also notice the cake that they decorated themselves.
Marshall informed me that I did not make a tasty cake this year... I think he missed the point.

Our youngest man.

Hiking with Daddy.

Selfie by Vivian!

Dyeing eggs for Easter!

Yes, his sister most likely did do it.

Ready for the Easter Bunny!

Happy 7th Anniversary hike up Sauer's Mountain.
(One of my favorites)

A well deserved break 1.5 miles up before turning around.

Kisses for Daddy :)

This is the picture that Rolli took of me and Vivian...
and Bella and Colter by default.  

Happy Spring!
I hope that everyone else is also out there taking deep breaths and enjoying life!