Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pedal Bikes!!!

Rollin and Vivian are riding pedal bikes!
Sans training wheels!!

I know.
They are only 3 years old.
So I'm sharing 4 short videos as proof.
Here is the first clip.
Rolli went from a balance bike to a pedal bike in just one day.

Vivian followed close behind.
Marshall and I are incredibly proud :)

We spent a few extra days teaching Rolli and Viv how to push off and start on their own too.
Vivian was kinda struggling until Marshall sawed her bike seat to make it lower.
Now both Rollin and Vivian are completely independent riders!

So who wants to go for a bike ride?!
Cause I know 2 kids who have been asking every day to ride their "pedal bikes"
Even in the rain.

Thank you Lejoy for the hand-me-down pedal bikes!!!
They are the best thing ever!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Camp Out!

 Memorial Weekend is here!
We are all home and off from work...
which means Sunday was the perfect night to test out our new tent.
Backyard Camp Out!!

Our new 4 person HUGE tent.

Rolli and Vivian went a little crazy while we where setting it up.
I think the 'crazy' was due in part to the excitement and the ice cream from Granpie Rog.

Vivian, Me and Rolli.
All cozy with one million blankets and a handful of books.
This qualifies as a "party" per Rollin and Vivian.

Vivian, me and Rolli.
My favorite place to be :)

Rolli fell right to sleep and snuggled Daddy all night :)

I have mentioned how fun camp outs can be?!
They are just the excuse I need to go to bed early and cuddle through till morning.

Rolli's first words when he woke up where,
"I think that's a beaver."
He was listening to a bird and maybe still sleeping a little.
Next he said what he always says in the morning,
"Mom.  I'm hungry for poptarts and eggs."

But you must know that during a camp out you can't eat just regular old breakfast.

We switched up our usual morning routine by bringing Daddy and Vivian breakfast in 'bed'.

Why are simple little things like this so fun?

The breakfast in 'bed' part was Bella's favorite.

A real "woodsman" style camp out in the forest!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sage Hills

Sage Hills was the 3rd hike on our list.
This time we had company!
Grandpa Rollin, Madison, Vivian, Caleb, Rolli and Mason.
(Grandma Debie and Auntie Ruth too).
En Route to the trail head!

Aaand they are OFF!

Even Vivian!!


Well, she was a good hiker for the first very little bit.
Until she decided that she'd had enough for one day.

Madison's little legs needed a break too.

The boys!
These 3 ran and hiked and ran and hiked and ran and hiked ...

Finally Rolli's short legs got tired.
Thankfully Grandpa Rollin has strong shoulders.

We made it!!

Our goal spot was the perfect rock for a snack.

After an energizing bite we turned back towards home.

Then, just to emphasize how serious she was about not hiking...
Miss Mae took her socks and shoes off.
1 more for Vivian : 0 for me.

Caleb, Mason and Rolli had so much fun just being boys :)

Caleb, Mason, Rolli and Vivian leading the way back!
Viv decided she couldn't possibly stay on my shoulders 
when there was a game of wild hide-n-seek going on.
Thanks for the motivation Caleb, Mason and Madison!

Now just 2 more hikes left on our list!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Horse Lake Reserve

On Sunday we hiked the Horse Lake Reserve trails.
This is 1 of the 5 hikes in the challenge.
The 2nd hike for us.
Bella, me, Vivian and Rollin.
Starting out on the trail.

Vivian and me.
Once again Viv is demonstrating her 'hiking' style.
This is her
 "Mom just made me hike on my own legs for 5 mins before I could get in the backpack." 

Rolli, leading the way, and Marshall.

"What is that I hear?"
We could hear lots of crickets all over.

Vivian, aka "hiking Princess."
Still riding in the backpack, now eating grapes.
Me still smiling, enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

Rolli still hiking out front.

A fuzzy caterpillar.
We stopped to look, listen, feel or kick everything.
Including a bull snake and asparagus.

Still in the backpack.
Now she's sleeping like she's the one who has been doing the hiking.
At least I didn't let her wear her princess dress like she had wanted.

Daddy and Rollin.
Enjoying our little picnic lunch after the long hike.

Me and Viv.
Sandwich kiss.
She loves me... for always letting her be a princess one way or another.

Exploring a little more after our energizing lunch.

Vivian, Rolli and Marshall.
The view point.

This kid has got energy, strength and coordination!

Hiking hide-and-seek.

Daddy and Vivian hiding.

Rolli and Vivian hiding while Mommy and Daddy seek ;)

At the end of it all...
Viv is letting me know how she really feels about this hiking challenge.
I think the real challenge is motivating Vivian's cute, little, independent legs.

Either way, each kid now has 2 stickers on their card.
Three more hikes to go!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

baby chicks!

We finally went and bought 4 baby chicks from Valley Feed (our fav little farm-n-garden store).

The 4 cutest lil baby chicks in their new home,
until they grow big enough to move outside.

Rolli and Vivian can Not keep their hands off of the chicks.
They where (are) so excited!

Rollin, Vivian and Bella supervising the flock on their first outing.

Rollin and Henrietta. 

Vivian and Mommy.

Oh, how Vivian LOVES the baby chicks!
She wants to snuggle them, sing to them, dance with them, jump over them, chase them, ect...

Rolli just loves to have the chicks sit on his shoulder.
He's like a farming pirate.

Our wee flock exploring the wee garden on their hen house.
*Notice the moose antlers that Marshall found at the 30 Mile site.

Here is the line up.
Blacky, Mommy, Rollin Girl and Henrietta.
Can you guess who picked which names?

Princess Vivian doing her best to keep her hands off the chicks for at least a minute.
Her face is a dead give away as to how she feels about that.

Everyone looks sweet and innocent.
...except for Bella, drooling with her tongue hanging out.

The truly innocent ones in the group.

Bella just can't resist a little closer sniff.

I only hope that these 4 baby chicks survive 2 busy toddlers and 1 hungry dog.
Sylvia has yet to notice the new additions.

And I can't wait for Blacky, Mommy, Rollin Girl and Henrietta to start laying eggs!
This is all tons of fun and lots of life lessons for Rollin (boy) and Vivian.