Thursday, December 25, 2014

Here comes Santa!

Vivian, Rolli, Colter (and Mommy too) with Santa!

Telling Santa what's on our wish list!

We decided that Santa would probably surprise us this year ;)

 Our stockings are hung!

And the Christmas tree quietly waits for Santa.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

We have a new conversationalist in the house!

Doesn't he remind you of his big sissy?!
 We used to say,
"I can't wait til Vivian starts talking and we can understand what she is saying."
Lot's of good story times at our house now!

Monday, December 8, 2014

swimming lessons

Rolli and Vivian completed another 6 weeks of swimming lessons last Thursday.
They both did well and completed the course successfully!
Cousin Miles took swimming lessons at the same time too,
he class was on the other end of the pool :)

Colter had fun watching his brother and sister in the pool.

This wild man had even more fun being crazy during lessons!

"Rollin is a ball of energy and a great swimmer!"

"Vivian is an excellent swimmer!"
Usually Viv floated without a lifejacket.

At the end of each lesson all the kids got to jump in the water by themselves.
Rolli loved to do cannon balls!

Viv is a fearless jumper!

At the very last swimming lesson all the kids wore life jackets 
and learned about boat safety.

Getting in the boat!

Boat safety.

The proper way to get out of a boat and swim to the side.

Rolli, Miles and Vivian.
Thumbs-up for swimming lessons!