Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kiddie Parade!

We enjoyed watching the Apple Blossom Kiddie Parade today.
It was the perfect thing to do this Saturday.
A little warm sunshine on our winter bodies to make us smile.
Rolli and Vivian watched the parade participants for an hour.

They just stared.

It's always fun to see the community's creativity parade on by.

Our little toddlers couldn't look away from all that parading.

Vivian was surely imagining herself in the parade next year.

And of course we stopped at the food fair on the way home.

What Wenatcheeite wouldn't by their kid an over-sized $4 corndog during Apple Blossom?
...the whole reason we walked.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Happy Earth Day!!
We celebrated by planting sunflowers with Rolli and Vivian.
The dirt goes in the container...
The seeds are planted...

Then fill the watering can...

Pour lots and lots of water over your seeds...

Stomp in all the water you spilled...

Don't forget to water...

Now you wait for the seeds to sprout!

Rolli with his planted sunflowers.

Vivian and her planted sunflowers.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photos by Erica Moshe

One of my new co-workers offered to take pictures of Rollin and Vivian.
She wanted to get some experience photographing twin toddlers.
Two can be such a challenging age... especially times 2.

Erica did an amazing job!
She is definitely well qualified and now experienced with two busy, active 2-year-olds.

Blue-eyed Rolli.

Miss Mae and Rolli V.

Beautiful Vivian.

A sweet pair.
This picture makes my heart smile!

If you are interested in Erica's photography check out:

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Here are a few more pictures from our trip to visit Monika.

We enjoyed the lazy, beautiful Saturday morning, drank some coffee and drove to Winthrop.
Monika, Rolli, Vivian and Amy.
We walked through town and over this bridge.

Stopping to look at the fish.

Watching the water flow by.

Loving the sunshine.

Feeling the cool river breeze.

And that was Winthrop.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Eggs

 Monika (and Dan) was kind enough to let us color eggs in her kitchen.
That's right.
She let the busiest 2-year-old twins color Easter eggs for the first time in her new home.
Yes, Monika is a good friend :)

The eggs were boiled.
We started with grated crayons.

Then we all gathered around the table with hot eggs and crayons!

The crayons just melted onto the eggs and our creativity flowed.

Rolli with his Easter eggs.
(and a slightly confused look)

Oooh, pretty!
I think we'll use this technique again.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We spent the Easter weekend with our good friends in Carlton.
Fun times!
Starting Easter with chocolate for breakfast :)

Snacking on chocolate while brunch is cooking :)

After 'breakfast' we headed outside for Rolli and Vivian's first Easter egg hunt. 

The Easter 'bunny' hid eggs for the kiddos.

Vivian found her first Easter egg ever!

Easter egg hunts are fun!

"Where'd it go?"

Rolli hunting the elusive Easter egg.

My Happy Easter family.

Vivian cruisin' in style with her Easter loot.

Thanks to our friends Monika and Dan for hosting all of us!
It was the perfect weekend!
Great weather, delicious food, good company and fun Easter activities!
Plus all the dogs were in heaven ;)

The drive home was a breeze.
And we even got back with enough daylight for an 'Easter Best' photo shoot.

Handsome, serious Rollin Von.

Miss Vivian Mae, with all the personality of a vibrant flower.

This kid is poking me with a stick while I try and take pictures.
Just awesome.

I love those baby cheeks.

Happy Easter!
Enjoy the spring weather!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Nanny!

Meet our new nanny.
Vivian, Lejoy and Rolli get along well :)
Lejoy plans craft projects, learning activities and music time for each day.
Plus they frequent the park and get lots of fresh air.
The kids are well cared for and happy by the time Marshall and I get home.
And Lejoy does the laundry!