Thursday, March 12, 2015

5 year olds!

Yesterday marked the official start of our 5th year as parents!
I cannot believe that we have TWO 5-year-olds in the house!
To celebrate this milestone we started the day off with a special breakfast of 
yummy popovers (made especially delicious using eggs from the flock).
After fueling the growing twins we headed to the doctor for their annual Well Child check.
Rolli and Viv patiently waiting for the Doctor.
One of the questions to help assess if the kids are developing on track is 
"Are they able to participate in imaginative play?"
As if to answer the question themselves 
Rolli drew the Doctor a picture of an Eagle with the sharpest teeth and longest horn.
And Viv drew him a picture of a Cheetah with the biggest belly and most spikes.
Of course the appointment concluded that we do indeed have 2 very healthy and active twins.

 Next stop...
Karate lessons sign-up for Rolli!
His first class is tomorrow and he's already been practicing ;)

Then on to jewelry for the lady.
Ear piercing for Vivian.
This is her 'before' picture taken by Rollin.

This is me as the excited/proud Momma.

This is Big Brother being bored wanting to know when he can start Karate lessons.
I think this picture is a true glimpse into our future as the boys learn to wait for the Queen.

Newly pierced ears!
Vivian didn't even flinch!
I would seriously recommend Integrity Piercing to anyone in Wenatchee.
Best experience ever.

 Just enough time for one more surprise on their big day!
New bikes!!

And best of all we rode those new bikes to go get ice cream!

The weather was perfect for ordering at the window and sitting on the patio.

Lil brother wasn't about to miss out on the birthday treat!

Our new cyclist!

And Colter along for the ride :)

Rolli and Viv LOVE their new big kid bikes!

You can tell from that video that Rolli is a racer and Viv is a cruiser :)

Seriously?!  This kid is crazy.  
Rolli has named his new bike "Speed".

These new bikes are a bit tough to get going but of course Rolli has already mastered that.

I think I need a new pair of running shoes!
And just to warn everyone...
If you see us on the trail you might want to get out of the way!
We are still learning proper and polite biking etiquette.  

We are thankful for every day with our fav twins and 
look forward to watching them grow through this 5th year.

Monday, March 2, 2015

In love with the Reptile Man!

The Reptile Man was in Cashmere last week!
Rolli and Viv where super excited to sit right up front 
with all of the other kids during the show.

Afterwards we immediately got in line to hold "Lucy" the alligator.  
Rolli and Lucy.

Vivian and Lucy.
A couple of years ago when the kids went to the same Reptile Man's show
Vivian stood in line to hold the alligator but then chickened out.
This time she held Lucy like a little baby and modeled perfectly :)

Even Colter had fun touching the 100lb snake and poking at the tortoise.  

We splurged on a $5 Reptile Man DVD which we've already watched 5 times!
Good stuff :)