Thursday, June 27, 2013


Rolli and Vivian just completed their first Vacation Bible School series.
"Tell it on the Mountain"
It was facilitated by their school.
They LOVED it!
All the crafts, dancing, singing and new kids to play with was tons of fun!
Today was the last day of the series.  
Doesn't this little sweetie just look like she's ready to preform?!

Rolli and Vivian where way too cute and ready for their VBS closing program.

Vivian especially liked all the singing at VBS!
Rolli really liked all the dancing at VBS!

These two melt my heart :)

Granpie Roger, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bob where able to come watch 
Rolli and Viv's first ever stage performance.  
I took video so that everyone else could see the beginning of fame too :)
Rolli is in the front right, Viv is behind a little boy with a black shirt and green sleeves.
If you listen closely you can surely hear Vivian's loud voice.
I was so proud of Rolli and Viv!
They saw me sitting in the audience and finished singing before running to me and Grandma.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Rolli and Vivian 'participated' in their 2nd session of indoor soccer.
This time they where in the next age group older.
Which means there was NO parent participation.
Unfortunately both kids thought that I should play soccer too.
And we spent most of each soccer practice encouraging them to 
venture on the field like the other parent free "big" kids.
Rolli eventually figured it out and was rockin' the drills.
Vivian remains attached to my hip.
Then to top things off both kids where sick for the last practice.
Even after all that I still think they where the cutest little Fire Tots.

and the team.

and the team

In case you are wondering...
I am planning on signing them up for at least one more session.