Monday, July 28, 2014

Fish Lake Helibase

Me and my 3 lil birdies drove up to the Fish Lake Helibase 
to see what was flying around there.
Rotor wash.

Looking around, making his escape plan.

Rolli, Vivian, Daddy and Bella.
Watching the fire tender wet down the dusty roads.

Rolli dragging sticks to stack.
Just to clarify…
This was all his idea.
But I do think this would look good on an USFS application.

Rolli even enlisted Vivian's help.

Daddy and Colter :)

Colter telling me what he thinks about the helicopter spooling up.

Off on a mission!

The Twins helping Daddy do dust abatement.
And yes, I did get wet.
We all know you can't trust Vivian with a hose.

Getting a tour of the Kmax.

Vivian and Rollin listening to flight instructions from pilot Ricky.

Ready to fly!

We sure miss Daddy when he's gone on assignment!
But we won't complain about all the cool helicopters we get to tour!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Circus is in town!

We braved the weather forecast at went to the Wenatchee Youth Circus today. 
It's the "best little circus" around!
Fingers sticky with cotton candy before the first act is even over. 
It was the perfect weather for juggling fire!
Colter watching the circus. 
Rain or shine the show must go on!
We huddled under a blanket with our friends as the performers walked the tight rope!  

Then Rolli and Viv spent the rest of the day playing "circus kids".    :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Father's Day

Marshall and his brood.

I took this picture on Father's Day.
We love this guy!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th at the Outpost

 No fireworks for us this year.
Just some good wholesome family time out at the Rasmussen Outpost!
To the "Property" or Bust!

After a short drive we made it to our destination...
an easy walk along the meadow edge...

takes us to a little opening...

and down to the river.
Aaaah, the most perfect spot :)

All the cousins went straight to playing and exploring!
Rolli throwing sticks and Mason flexing.

Mason was nice enough to let Vivian bury him in rocks.

Auntie Ruth and ColT.

Grandpa spotted this toad that Caleb caught to show Rolli.

A dragonfly nymph.

Caleb says he found a fresh water jelly fish.

Mason caught a frog.

The family gang exploring up river.

Rolli and Mason.

Rolli and Auntie Ruth watching the river fish.

Rollin Von.

Vivian Mae.

Me and Colter.
Sun on my hair, sleeping baby on my chest and my feet in the cool, clear river water.
Best way to spend a summer day!

Back to the car with a bunch of worn out cousins!

We made it back to the house in time for a 4th of July bbq 
before watching the neighbors light their fireworks off.

Great day!
Thanks for the hospitality!! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


My friend Annette invited us to go on Osprey's 'Family Float' last week.
Fun, fun, FUN!
Rollin, Vivian and me ready for the river!

The kids.
Mason, Genevieve, Penelope, Vivian and Rollin.
Silly Faces!!

On the river!
We spent about 2 hours floating down the Wenatchee river with our trusted guide Nathan.
The weather was just right... not too hot, not too cool.
And the rapids where just our size…we even hit some class II rapids!

Cool kid Mason was the oldest of the group.
After the family float I think this guy is ready to take on some BIGger rapids!


Rolli, Penelope and Genevieve.

More rapids up ahead!

That was a really big wave!




Rolli getting steering lessons from our guide Nathan.

Going under the North Wenatchee bridge.
Pretty cool to go under the bridge that we always drive over!

After taking out at Walla Walla State Park 
Rolli and Viv got their first school bus ride back to the delicious BBQ and s'more treats.

Thanks for inviting us Annette!
We totally enjoyed the afternoon!