Thursday, November 19, 2015

Star Student!

Our young Rollin Von LOVES school!
And he tells me hes' teacher is "amazing".
This is Rollin's first day of kindergarten picture that Mrs. Hannah took.
Gosh, it's already been 2 months!

Then on October 13th (yes, it's taken awhile to share pictures)
Rolli was the Star Student for Mrs. Hannah's class.
He got to do things like be the line leader  and share some stuff about himself.

And all of the other kids drew a picture of Rolli :)
Mrs. Hannah then made a book of all the pictures from his classmates.
Kindergarten is too cute!!

Even before school started Rolli was kinda a 
Mr. Know-it-all
So it's really nice that's now he's actually learning a whole lot to go along with his attitude. 
My sweet, confident young fellow has recently learned how to draw hearts.
And the first word he learned to spell was DAD.
I love these little notes that he is so proud to share!