Sunday, February 26, 2012


This morning was absolutely gorgeous!
A little chilly and a lot sunny.
Even with snow in the forecast, 
We couldn't resist the opportunity to take the kids and Bella for a short hike up Castlerock.

Our mini hikers/explorers make me smile!
Vivian got a ride on Daddy's shoulders.
Rolli finally conquered that tricky Castlerock hill! 
I just got the end of his ascent on video... monumental.  

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

cold Valentine's treat

Happy Valentine's Month!
Marshall and I took the kids to OWL Soda Fountain today for a little (or not so little) treat! 
Daddy and Vivian sitting at the bar waiting for their Blackberry Sundae with a cherry on top.

Rolli watching our Carmel Chocolate Brownie Delight be made.

Rolli had about two bites and was done.  He just doesn't like ice cream all that well.
That's okay with me.
More yummy, gooey, goodness for Daddy, Vivian and me!

Rolli checking out the lolli-pops after he forfeited his ice cream.

After enjoying our sweet treats we stopped by the park to let the kids play a bit.
With all this warmer weather the snow has been melting like crazy and there were plenty of puddles for these two toddlers to play in.

Vivian and Rolli both rock the puddle play.  
Their enthusiasm makes me smile!

Even though it has been 'warmer' it was still really cold today.
I probably shouldn't have let the kiddos get all wet,
but they were having too much fun.
That is until they realized they were freakin' COLD!
Good thing we got them home, dried and warm!

Monday, February 13, 2012

bathroom update

Marshall tiled and updated our bathroom!
He did the whole thing while me and the kids were in Yakima.
I trusted Marshall to pick out the new cabinets and tile without my opinion.
The new look was a surprise!
I love it!
Marshall's custom tile design.
Notice the natural stained transition threshold, really makes the job look professional.

The new mirror is my FAVORITE!  
Plus the little medicine cabinet and hand towel rack.

No more leaky faucet and chipped sink.

Thank you Marshall!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seattle Aquarium

Rolli and Vivian (me and Marshall too!) Loved the Seattle Aquarium!
Rolli and Vivian's first visit to the Seattle Aquarium.

Vivian (not so gently) touching the starfish.

Rolli using ALL of his fingers to touch the starfish 
instead of just one finger like the aquarium staff suggested.

Rolli was amazed by the size of The GIant Octopus.

Jelly fish Rolli.

Jelly fish Vivian.

Silly picture!

The kiddos loved the huge aquarium with all sorts of tropical fish.
We watched the fish swim by, gave the fish kisses, screamed, yelled about how cool it was, ect...

"Mama!  Mama!"  "fish, fish"


Vivian surfing on a whale... no big deal.

Rolli thought the otters were fun!

Visiting the aquarium was the best part of our mini-trip to Seattle!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa

Thanks to Grandma Debie and Grandpa Rollin for hosting Rolli, Vivian and me 
while Marshall tiled and updated our bathroom.
We love you!

Sweet times.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Captain Jan

My favorite volunteer fire department Captain retired.
When I joined West Valley Fire as a cadet Jan was my Captain at Station 3.
She encouraged everyone to be an honest, kind person and a safe firefighter.
I learned a lot from Jan and I'm sure I'm a better person because of her influence.   
I'm thankful for the opportunity to have volunteered with Jan.
Thanks for your service Jan!

West Valley Station 3 current and retired volunteers.
plus Vivian and Rolli.

Grandpa Rollin, Jan, Vivian, Rolli, and Me.
In front of the new engine 31.

Jan, enjoy your extra time and be kind to the fish!
We'll see you around ;)