Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The hunt is on!... for Easter eggs

Rolli, Vivian and Colter love to "do experiments".
And dyeing Easter eggs is the perfect time to experiment with colors. 
My crazy bunch :)
and their color concoctions.  

Mixing colors and dyeing eggs!
We loved all the different colors and we each had a favorite :)

Silly faces and dyed eggs!

With 18 differently colored eggs our lil' flock was ready for an Easter egg hunt!
Lucky for these kids the 'Easter Bunny' remembered to come at 5am to hide those eggs.

Happy Easter!
Marshall and the kids had at least 6 egg hunts while I slept the Sunday away :) 

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 11, 2016

There once was a day when I couldn't image 
my two little sweet peas 
being any bigger than, well, sweet peas.  

That day no longer exists :(

Now we have two FULL size 6 year olds!

Queen Vivian.
 All ready for kindergarten in her new birthday clothes.

All ready for whatever life throws at him!

Our 3 lil' birdies, growing up fast!

Happy 6th Birthday Rollin Von and Vivian Mae!

Rollin and Mrs. Hannah :)
on his first day being a 6 year old!

Vivian and Mrs. Connor :)
on her first day being a 6 year old!

Thanks to the twins teachers for helping make their birthday a special day!
Both classrooms sang "happy birthday" and enjoyed birthday cookies!