Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Solstice in Seattle

After a challenging week me and my lil' flock 
where able to spend the weekend in Seattle with Grammie Kathy.
Grammie Kathy, Vivian, Colter and Rollin.
Sunset picnic.

Rollin and Vivian.

Sunset on Spring.

Goodmorning Summer!

Rollin, Vivian and Grammie Kathy.
Beach time.

Colter's first trip to the beach.

Sand fun!

The lil' man likes the sand!

This sums up Colter's life with Big Sissy.

The steep climb back to the house.
And I didn't even have to carry these two this time!

 Next we got the pleasure of welcoming summer with the Fremont Solstice Parade!
Me, Colter, Vivian and Rollin.
Front row seats!

One of the many interactive parading participants.
Vivian maintained a rather serious face as she assessed the situation and took in every detail.

No high school bands here!

Lots of sounds and colors to catch ColT's attention.

I loved these flapper dancers!
Fun and confident!

Again I say, "no high school bands here!"

This giraffe was amazing!

If you ask Rolli and Viv what their favorite part of the parade was
they might just say laying down for the ball.
(of course they may also say the naked, painted hinney moonies)
Vivian, Rolli and Grammie Kathy getting into position.

And the ball rolls on!
The parade watchers layed in the street and propelled this giant ball on it's way.

That was awesome!

Grandpa Steve, Grammie Kathy and Rolli
navigating the festivities.

Vivian, me and Colter.
Best way to stay close in a crowd!

Vivian getting her face painted with a butterfly.
If you've ever snuggled Vivian and tickled her chin you know this look.
Even the way she is holding her hands.

Rolli getting a T-Rex painted on his face.

Rolli and Vivian.
Hopefully they'll stick with the face paint!

Gandma Debie

Sweet LOVE snuggles!
Grandma Debie and baby Colter.

Thank you Mom!
For all of the support, love and encouragement 
that you have offered over my 33 and some odd years.
We appreciate all that you do for us.
I'm proud of you for taking the steps to make a huge life style change!
Rollin, Vivian and Colter love you :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kids fishing day!

Vivian and Rolli.
We met Granpie Rog at the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery today for kids fishing!

Before they could fish the kids had to go through 3 stations to learn about 
boat safety, fishing knots and fish.  

Granpie Rog practicing the fishing knot with the twins.

Honestly, the stations where kinda tedious and more appropriate for older kids.
We just wanted to fish!

Vivian with her hook baited and ready for a fish!

Our fisherman Rolli waiting for a bite!

Vivian caught the first fish!
And it was a wild one!
Got away from me a couple of times.
Of course Viv didn't want to touch it so me and ColT had to do the dirty work.
Rolli's fish took a little longer to bite but he caught it!

This man sure held on tight to his fish!

When we got home Vivian (and Rolli) helped me clean and gut the trout.
I gave them my best fish anatomy lesson that I could.
We found the heart, lungs and intestines.
And Viv was all about touching everything now.

Then guess what was for dinner?!
Rolli and Viv each got one whole trout on their plates.
Rolli eat half and Viv said there where too many bones.

Now we are off to camping out in the back yard!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Me and my trio (+ Bella) enjoyed the lovely sun today as I chose to ignore the house chores and head outside. 
Who knew you could run the dog AND the kid with a game of fetch. 
Bella even let Rolli get to the ball first a couple of times :) 
Vivian. Saying "pretty please" so I'll swing her higher than the houses. 
Colter loves going to the park too! 

My Friday night dinner dates :)
Rolli refused to eat anything but shrimp. And he proceeded to eat 7 and half large shrimp before announcing that his tummy was full.  
Vivian only wanted salad. And Chocolate. 
Yes. She is definitely my daughter. 

Aaah, I love my days off!