Saturday, September 24, 2016

Still the same shipwreck!

Look at this picture that I found tucked away in my photo box!
Caryl Family summer vacation (year?).
It's the exact same shipwreck that Marshall and I took the kids to this summer!
And isn't this just the best picture?!
My Mom must have been the one snapping the photo.  

It makes me happy to pass on some of my favorite memories to a new generation :)
And it was an extra bonus that my parents where able to join us
 for a quick re-visit to the Peter Iredale Shipwreck this year.

*FYI:  our matching shirts say "Life without bears is un-bear-able."

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer Family Vacation 2016 (last day)!

...And then our vacation was over...
We spent our last morning of the BEST ever summer fam vacay 
exploring the Peter Iredale Shipwreck and beach.
How cool is it to be a kid and be able to climb on a real life actual shipwreck?!!

The popular Peter Iredale shipwreck.
Rolli, Viv, Colter and Marshall.

Viv, Marshall, Colter and Rolli discovering more of the shipwreck.

Fun times!

One last energy burst before sitting in the car for the looooong drive home.

Even Marshall got his yayas out!

Good Bye Fort Stevens!
Thanks for the memories!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer Family Vacation 2016 (day three)

Each day of our vacation was better than the day before!  
We spent our third morning exploring the beach at low tide.
It's seriously a whole new world!

Every thing is a treasure!

Marshall and his young marine biologists :)

ColT loves his FREEdom!

Vivian, Rolli and Colter.

The tide pools seemed to offer endless exploring.

Sink sand!
These 3 had a lot of fun and made a lot of noise just letting their feet sink into the wet sand.

The Wallace family.

Rolli could not believe how lucky he was to find so many crab parts.
In fact he looked right at these complete strangers and practically yelled,
"This is the most crab parts in the UNIVERSE!"
They just smiled and replied, "it's a matter of perspective."

All three kids where overwhelmed by how "rich in crab parts" they where.
Marshall and I couldn't have been happier watching our lil' flock as they explored the beach 
and honestly found wonder and value in every little thing.
They always remind us to slow down and be thankful...
for even the stinkiest piece of broken crab parts!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Summer 2016 Family Vacation! (day two)

Day 2 of our BEST ever summer 2016 fam vacay was packed full of adventure!
Auntie Ruth, cousins, Grandpa and Grandma  and even Uncle Dean 
meet us at Fort Clatsop to start the day!
*most of my pictures from this day are blurry due to 
the fact that the kids hardly stopped moving*
Colter, Rolli and Viv trying out the explorer bunk beds.

After sitting through a short story of Lewis and Clark we watched a flint gun demo.

And then the kids even got to (kinda) hold the gun to feel how heavy it was.

Vivian and Madison participated in a demonstration on how elk skin clothes where made.

These boys checked out all of the exhibits at a furious speed.  
They are so full of energy and excitement!

Our next stop was a quick picnic lunch at Fort Stevens before the kids where off and running again!

Look out!  Crazy Driver!
With a load full of wild kids!

Vivian posed for a picture to share with her gymnastics school :)

All the cousins really liked exploring at Fort Stevens!  
It was lots of fun to watch them running around, playing and yelling...
just like we had done at their ages :)

Our last stop for the day was the Peter Irerdale Shipwreck beach.
She is always running wild!
And I love her for it (even though she causes me a lot of worry already).

Vivian and Madison love playing with each other.
I think what they really like is the break from their brothers ;)

Oh' the joys of sand!
The kids dug huge "shelter" holes, rolled down the hill, 
threw sand in the air, put sand in their pockets, ect....

Vivian just couldn't stop herself from thoroughly enjoying the feel of SAND!

Everyone know the Oregon Coast is perfect for kite flying :)


Colter and Daddy.

Mr. Man and his idle :)

Then it was off to our campsite to cook hobo meals over the fire!