Thursday, June 18, 2015

Colter's 1st trip to the water slides!

                   We (including Marshall!) took our lil' school of fishies to Slide Waters on Monday.
It was the twin's 2nd time there and Colter's 1st!  
As you can tell from the picture I was super excited to be spending the day at the water slides.
Colter was not as enthusiastic... 
until it was time to leave and then he decided it was the absolutely best place to be!

Viv is such a big girl swimming and sliding all by herself!

Me and my young fish :)

Our independent and happy sliders put a smile on our proud Daddy's face :)

Next time you see Rollin and Vivian ask them about the "Purple Haze".
The twins each went down that totally dark tunnel slide ALL by themselves!  
Crazy and brave kiddos!