Sunday, May 8, 2016

Our little piece Halverson!

After several years of searching for just that perfect piece of property
We have finally found it...

Marshall and I fell in love with this 40 acre parcel up Halverson Canyon.
And as of May 2nd you can call us Property Owners!!!

Vivian, Colter and Rollin.
They love the property too!
The first time Vivian saw it she said, "I dreamed of this."

But how could they not?!
With these views, all the land to explore on, trees to climbs and wildlife we are in heaven!

This is the view looking NorthEast.
Looking South you can see Mission Ridge.

We celebrated the property closing by having a picnic dinner.

The lower 20.
Marshall and his feral brood in their element.

Rollin climbing "his" pine tree :)

Vivian in "her" pine tree and Rolli in "his" :)

Our first family trip to Halverson Canyon!
We where greeted at the property by 5 deer and 
later 2 red tail hawks came out to investigate our presence.
I actually think the hawks where checking out Marshall's UAV more than us.
Very cool!  

Me and Colter with the flower he picked for me :)

Vivian and Rolli.
We ended our visit by picking a huge bouquet of flowers to bring home :)

Aaah, it's all such a breath of fresh air for us!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day

Happy May Day!
from Vivian Mae

Vivian has been planning her bouquets and flower delivery method all day :)

"May Day.  love Vivan Mae Wallace.  this is my speshell day."