Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We spent our first Thanksgiving as a family (Marshall, me, Rolli, and Vivian) at my parents house in Yakima.  It was just us for and my Mom and Dad.  Of course the food was delicious and the company even better!  Vivian woke up Thanksgiving morning happy to be alive and Rolli woke up full of smiles! And I woke up thankful for my family (all of them)!
Thanksgiving table

eating pumpkin pie cake (my grandma Pat's recipe) for the first time

"I love pumpkin pie cake!"

Before dinner we dressed the kids in their Halloween costumes... just for fun!


Vivi, I love you!

sweet little blued eyed dragon (no fire breathing from this guy...he drools too much)

Rolli, I could kiss you sloppy face all day!

doesn't this picture just make you smile?! 
too cute!
After such a great Thanksgiving... I'm sure that next year will only be better!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

humane society

Rolli and Vivian both love animals.  Vivian doesn't laugh very easily but she'll laugh at the dogs playing. Both babies stop what they are doing when Sylvia walks into the room.  And they watch her every move.  They get so excited when Sylvia 'meows'.  So, Marshall and I thought that they would love all the kitties at the Humane Society.  They weren't as excited as I thought they would be.  They probably didn't know what to think.  The cats were excited to see the babies.  Most of them came up to the cage door and 'meow'ed.  There were lots of playful kittens for Vivian to watch.  Rolli talked to the cats that came to say 'meow' in the kitty room.  We'll have to take them back when the weather is warm and we can play with the dogs outside.   

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saddle Rock

 Marshall, Rolli, Vivian, Bella, and I met some friends Sunday for a hike up Saddle Rock!  It's the first time that we all had been hiking together since the babies were born.  And what a day for hiking!  The weather was perfect!  Sunny, calm, cool.  

Rolli hanging with Dad...enjoying the sunny ride.

All of us.  Over looking Wenatchee.

The girls.  Vivian loved being snuggled right next to me for the whole hike.  And she kept her curious little eyes on the dogs all the way.

Friday, November 5, 2010

perfectly babies

The babies finally fit into their 3 month sized* clothes!  Yes.  They are over 7 months now.  Trust me.  Size does not hold them back.  Rolli is nearly always moving his legs!  He doesn't want anything to do with crawling.  But standing in the crib drooling is his thing.  He is super ticklish and loves kisses from his Mom (me).  Vivian has the most curious little pumpkin pie face ever.  Not only is she crawling all over the house but she doesn't let anything get in her way.  She just bulldozes right through any obstacle.  And Vivi just loves Sylvia (cat) and Bella (dog)!  Every time the babies wear these matching yellow overall outfits they get so many complements.  So I thought I should take a few cutesy pictures.  ya.  It worked out real well.  They gave me their best natural poses.  oh, they make me laugh!  These pictures sum up the photo shoot (and our daily lives).  It wouldn't be realist if they were both happily smiling into the camera.  Goofballs.  

*depending on the clothing brand.  They are wearing 6 month size in some brands.  But these outfits happen to be 3 month size and I've been waiting for them to fit.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

first halloween!

The babies were adorable on Halloween!  Vivian was a little pink kitty.  Purfect for her curious personality.  Rolli was a goofy green dragon.  Silly baby boy!  Grandma Debie helped me pick out (buy) the costumes with the Halloween money from Great-grandma Pat.  They wore their costumes well.  And it was just too cute when they spotted each other all dressed up.  We went 'trick-o-treating' to visit family.  
Great-grandma Jean and Kitty.  
Of course our camera batteries died before I got many pictures.  And now I can only seem to upload this one photo any ways.  You'll just have to trust me... the babies were way too cute!