Monday, January 27, 2014

3 months!

Happy 3 month birthday Colter Lee!
We love you lil' snuggle bug!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's cold at the skate park!

Brrrr!  It was cold at the skate park last week.
But still no snow :(
And I can't pass up fresh air when the sun is shining!
Since the ski hill isn't much fun without snow...
 I bundled us all up for a quick visit to the skate park!
Rolli and Vivian.
Ruling the lone concrete on their two wheels.

Check out their skills!
Rolli was getting brave and even rode his bike off the trick island...
he almost bit it...
but still he rode on!

It's all fun and games until we find ourselves in the ER.
Until then, 
We ride!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 out, 2014 in

Hannah, Marshall,
Colter, Vivian, Rolli
and Bella too.
Wallace Family 

2013 marked the start of the Golden Age 
as our family became 5 with the arrival of baby Colter.

This year you can find us in our usual spot livin' life and experiencing the moments.
We said "farewell" to 2013 and "welcome!" to 2014 before going to bed on New Year's Eve. 

Happy New Year!!
... week late :)

breakfast in bed

Today we experienced a 'first'.
Rolli brought me breakfast in bed!!!
With a smile on his face Rolli said, "Here you go Mom."
"Ah, thanks Buddy!"
Milk (which I don't care for) with a chocolate straw.
That's the sweetest thing that kid has done for me in the morning.
He has NEVER, ever let me peacefully stay in bed before today.

And stay in bed is exactly what I did this am...
With these two snugglers and my glass of breakfast.

I'm secretly hoping that this will happen again.

Happy sunny Sunday :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

2 months

Colter is 2 months and going!
Growing just like his brother and sister did.
His two month stats:  9 lbs and 22 inches tall.
With a head circumference of 14 7/8 inches.
...yes, he is skinny for his age.
Prognosis:  Healthy! (but should gain weight)

We all just love this happy little snuggler :)

Bless you!

Tummy time.

Sweet dreams little man.
Rest up.  
'Cause you have lots of growing to do!