Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 months old

Colter Lee turned 5 months old!

Handsome Mr. Col-T :)

Colter watching Bella and the chickens out the window.
He could sit here forever (except that he gets hungry).

Won't be long and he'll be outside with his big brother and sister chasing the chickens too!

Friday, March 21, 2014

tea time :)

Me and Vivian had a special date day last month.
She helped me run errands.
Then we painted tea cups together.
Just me and her.
...and a snoozing baby Colter.

Tea time with Miss Sunshine herself and her hand painted cup.

Love this girl and our mommy-daughter time!

Car Wash!

My little helpers
(who tend to be more 'little' than actual 'helpers')
spent an hour vacuuming my car out with me.
I think it was more of a circus show for the neighbors than it was actual vacuuming. 
Oh, well.
I rewarded their hard work with a trip through the car wash ;)
Vivian, Colter and Rolli.
Ready for the carwash!

 This is a win:win situation!
The car gets cleaned and Vivian thinks it's great fun :)

 Rolli and his imagination as we go through the wash :)

Ya!  Now we are rollin' the streets in a clean ride!

Always growing.

Rollin, Vivian and Colter had their well child check ups last week.

Rolli and Viv in the silly mirror at the pediatric's office.

Doctor's conclusion:
Our wee offspring are healthy and growing at the Wallace rate.
Dr. Milnes with Colter, Vivian and Rollin.

Our favorite MA Blanca with Vivian and Rolli.
FYI:  Blanca gives the best shots.  
If you have to have a shot she's the one to see.

Measuring up to the growth chart.
Rolli and Vivian.
Even Bella got measured this year!
It had been over a year since the last marks where drawn on the growth chart
and looks like they each grew by inches.

Physical growth aside.
I think these two have shown the biggest development in their personalities.

Rolli is a lover and a fighter.
He gives the best kisses, hugs and back rubs.
But he is also the most fierce component during a battle.
Rolli thinks he tells the best jokes and is always trying to have the last word.
This son of my could watch TV all day,
But once we get him outside he'll play his way into the ground.
Rolli can dream up the best adventures and has balance enough to put his mom to shame.
All-in-all Rollin Von is a keeper!

Vivian is passionate and leads with confidence.
She can be the most independent 4-year-old until she's tired 
then she gets stuck to my side like velcro.
Miss Busy Body can't sit still and loves to be in charge.
Vivian has a style all her own and a pile of dirty laundry to prove it.
Our Big Sissy reads the best stories and never forgets to show us the pictures.
When Vivian makes up her mind about something you can't tell her otherwise.
We'll love Vivian and her big personality forever!

Colter is the biggest snuggle bug I've ever met.
In fact he loves to 'nuggle so much that he won't sleep more than and hour by himself.
(yes, I accept coffee at all hours of the day with a side of free napping time)
Colter is all eyeball lately and has his nose in everybody's business.
This new baby is a welcome addition to our family!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Birthday Party!

Rolli and Vivian had another fun filled day as we continued to celebrate their 4th birthday with tattoos, brownie cupcakes and a party!!
Happy 4th Birthday my Loves!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the feastivities!  
We spent the rest of the evening playing Doctor (I make a really believable patient), coloring, delivering new undies to the twins in a remote controlled dump truck (cheap laughter) and watching Viv model all her new clothes. 
Then we finished the night reading one of Rolli and Viv's favorite books that was given to them on their actual birth date back in 2010

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!!

Two of my favorite little toddlers turned 4 today!
We woke up with snuggles in bed and sang "Happy Birthday!"

Then all 5 of us headed out for a special birthday breakfast to start the day off.

Big girl Vivian with her fuel of choice, 
a waffle topped with whipped cream and syrup.
Just by looking at her breakfast plate you can tell it's a special day.

Birthday boy Rolli says,
"Mom, take a picture of me taking a bite."

 Happy Birthday hugs :)

Viv modeling the dress and jacket that Rolli picked out for her present.

Rolli flashing his bubble sword that Viv picked out as his present.

With his new sword in hand Rolli says,
"Mom, let's battle and you be the monster."

The Eyeless Frog Monster!
I snuck upstairs to put on this costume...
Rolli really jumped when he saw me!

Too fun :)

Some pottery painting in the birthday room at Inspirations.

Viv is giving Baby Ohnu some color.

Rolli is very serious about Little Turtle.

And look what we found waiting for us when we got home!
A dolphin ballon for Rollin.

A butterfly balloon for Vivian.

The birthday fun isn't over yet!

Silly straws and cupcakes before bed!

Happy Birthday!

All that birthday fun calls for snuggles on the couch with Daddy.

Sleep tight Big Kids.

We love you two!