Friday, February 22, 2013

The Reptile Man visits Cashmere!

The Reptile Man visited Cashmere last Wednesday evening! 

Marshall and Aunt Lindsey took all of the kids to see his show.
They freakin' LOVED it!

 After the act was over there was a photo booth with the alligator 
plus lots of hands-on interaction with crazy cool reptiles!

Miles posing with the alligator.

Little Man Rolli with a alligator just his size.

Rolli loved this!
Next time you see him ask about the alligator...

 Vivian waited in line to hold the alligator but then changed her mind when it was her turn.

Gentle turtle.
This guy was Vivian's favorite!
She told me ALL about the turtle when they got home.

Holy B-I-G Snake!
And look who's little hands are touching it!

One large Albino Boa (or is that a python?) and two fearless kiddos.


Now watch this...

I'm not sure if I should be fearful for the kids' safety 
or concerned for the snake's welfare.

I'm sure that we will be visiting the Reptile Man's show at the fair this year :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

keeping them warm

What do you get two little kids who are well loved and cared for?
Something to snuggle up with at night while they fall fast into dreamland.
Rolli and Vivian both got customized heat pads for Christmas!

Rolli's warm, friendly snake.

I made this using fabric scraps left over from my Mom.

Vivian's warm, sweet bird.

I made this using an old skirt of mine.

Both snuggly heat pads are filled with flax seed.
Just heat in the microwave for 2 minutes.
Then tuck the wee kiddos into bed with their favorite heat pads.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun with Friends!

We (the four of us) just had the best trip to Vancouver/Portland to visit friends!
The weather was perfect for an impromptu Portland park tour.
We started with the forest park trails.
Rolli and Vivian rode their scoot bikes all the way to the first park stop.
The first park was HUGE with tons of kids!
Both kids played like crazy!
Vivian wore herself out and made me carry her back.
Rolli got a second wind and rode his bike like mad back down the hill.
He has never gone so fast.

Miss Mae posing for a picture.

Sara, Vivian and Rolli.
Enjoying the beautiful view of Portland.

The next park!

Mike and Sara.

These two are too much fun :)
Rolli thought Mike was pretty cool 'surfing' on the teeter-toter.

Our last park stop was in Sara and Mike's new neighborhood.
Good laughs and sunny skies.

Thanks to Marshall for driving us so that we could enjoy the rainbows on the way home.

Now we can't wait to go visit Sara and Mike after the baby is born!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Rolli and Vivian LOVE to paint.
Almost more than any other crafty thing.
Painting is always requested.

Proud painter Rolli showing me his master piece.

Abstract artist Vivian with her newly painted canvas.

Both kids have a unique style.
Rolli likes to carefully and slowly add lots and lots of color to his picture.
Vivian works franticly to add lots and lots of color (and water) to her pictures.

We are all thankful to have Daddy home right now.
He is in charge of supervising our little prodigies while I cook dinner.
A good arrangement for all of us :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

"Play" date!

Last Friday Marshall and I took Rolli and Vivian to their first play.
A Dr. Seuss theme musical presented by the Cashmere school district.

Happy play goers!
We loved it!
Rolli sat still for nearly the entire first hour long act.
He kept saying "Mom!  I want to do that!"
Vivian sat still for at least 40 minutes.
And when we got home Viv put her princess dress on and danced for us.

I would recommend this play for anyone :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

mini skis

Our two minis got mini skis for Christmas!
(Thanks Daddy!)
We have taken them to Mission Ridge 3 times now.
Each time they last about 15-20 minutes before requesting "hot chocolate."

Vivian getting the feel for skis on her feet.

Daddy instructing Rolli on proper skier form.

Mommy and Rolli going "really, really fast!"

Mommy and Vivian learning how to stay upright on two skis.
Daddy, Rolli and Vivian.
Of course both kids now want a snowboard.

Daddy and Rolli snowboarding.
Viv wants a turn too!

Daddy and Vivian snowboarding.

Vivian and Rolli watching Daddy ride the chairlift up.
(You have to look real close to see Marshall on the lift waving at the kiddos)

Taken a break in the lodge for some hot chocolate.

Rolli, "Take a picture of me with this tree."

Vivian next to this tree.

Over the bridge on off to nap time.

Short but sweet fun!
Although I can't wait for the kiddos to turn 3 so that they can take lesson.