Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bringing baby home

After one short night in the hospital Colter and I got our discharge papers!
Vivian, Colter and Rollin.
Our first car ride as a family of 5 in the new Pilot!

We wheren't home long on Sunday before Marshall and I concluded that staying inside wasn't going to be an option with energetic toddler twins and one attention deprived dog.
Besides it was an absolutely beautiful fall day.
Colter and Bella.
All fed, bundled and snuggled for his first trip to the park.

With Little Mommy as his big sister this kid is going to be well nourished :)

...and I may just be tired and slightly irritable 
as we establish our new routine with a very hungry baby.
Thank goodness for maternity leave and Daddy!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meeting Baby Colter!

Last Friday night I put Rollin and Vivian to bed like I always do.
Rolli tried to snuggle me extra tight by covering my head with blankets.
I said, "Oh, don't do that.  It makes me feel sick."
Rolli asked, "Why does that make you sick Mommy?"
My reply, "Well, Buddy.  I'm 9 months pregnant."
At that he sat straight up in bed, threw his hand down and said,
Little did we know that that was the last night of my pregnancy.

The kiddos hardly knew I was gone before Marshall brought them to the hospital to meet 
"Baby Colter"

Rollin, Colter and Vivian Wallace

These 2 couldn't of been more excited to meet their new brother!

Daddy had to wrestle Vivian for a turn at holding Colter.

Rolli was so gentle with his Baby Colter.


and even more love :)

Our little Mama Vivian in heaven with Colter in her arms. 
My sweet boys all snuggled up.

Colter already fits right into the family!
He is the perfect snuggler with an edge to survive.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Colter Lee

This lil' bundle of snuggles joined us at 
4:26am on Saturday October 26, 2013!
Colter Lee Wallace

Weighing 6lbs 11oz
and already sunbathing.

Measuring 19.5 inches long.

Mommy and Colter.
Just an hour and a half new :)

There is nothing better than rosy warm baby cheeks snuggled on bare skin.

Goodmorning Sonshine :)

Sweet dreams Baby Colter.
We love you!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An attempt...

We tried hiking Saddle Rock a couple of times before we finally made it to the top last week.
On one attempt it was too hot.
Another attempt it was too wet.
But who cares?!
We like to play in the rain!
These troopers made it over half way up before we turned around.
This was actually one of their best hikes.
Who doesn't like to sing and hike in the rain?

Vivian and Daddy.
And all smiles :)

Mommy and Rolli.
Just a little dancin' in the rain.

Fun times at Saddle Rock!

(I think Bella even enjoyed the short, rainy hike)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saddle Rock conquered!

After 3 unsuccessful attempts we hiked all the way to the top of Saddle Rock.
That's 4 of 5 hikes checked off of the challenge. 
These two started the hike with exploring and rock climbing.

On our way to the top!

Vivian couldn't be happier than when she is in the pack.

Rolli taking his time to pick the best spot to jump across the water rut.

"Wee haw!!"

Daddy and Rolli discussing just how these "canyons" got here.

Vivian, Daddy and Bella.
At the top of Saddle Rock!!!

Mommy and Rolli.
Always love the view from here :)

I'd been craving a sunny day, a relaxing spot and a calming view.
And Colter seems to be just cozy right here too ;)

I'll share the view with these little feet any day :)

After we enjoyed our snack, the fresh air and a bit more of exploring we started the decent.
Usually the easiest part...
Until, of course, you get crazy legs while running down a steep slope.

Vivian fell victim to the 'crazy legs'.
Poor girl bit it hard :(
Fortunately she just needed a backpack ride to the car, lots of snuggles and a cupcake.
I'm confident that she'll survive.

A warm sun to our backs makes for a pleasant end to a successful hike.
Notice how Viv couldn't wave because her arms and hands still hurt too bad from the fall.
You might also notice how we ended with 1 injured child and I still call it
a "successful" hike.

One more hike to go before Rolli and Viv can get their new shirts!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

playing with fire

(This is the last group of photos from our first ever short camping trip.)

I already mentioned that one of my fav things about camping is the fire.
Vivian says her favorite was the marshmallows and playing in the tent.
Rolli said his favorite was fishing, exploring 
and eating those marshmallow things that Miles Parker brought.
And yes, the camping visit from Miles was lots of fun!
The cousins play so well together :)
And as it got darker they became interested in the fire.

So why wouldn't we let them play with fire?

It was entertaining for us to watch too.
Even if I was a little on edge thinking of the dangers...
and barking commands of caution.
Thankfully these 3 listened well and played safe.
Stimulating their senses and learning good judgement.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Down by the river...

During our short camping extravaganza 
Rolli and Vivian couldn't resist playing at the river's edge.
This made me quiet nervous.
But the dangers of a freezing, fast moving river didn't even faze those two.
Vivian and Rolli.
It really was beautiful.
I can understand why they wanted to play and climb right here.

I had to share this picture.
Because of the look that Rolli is giving Vivian.
Viv had declared that they where playing "mom and dad."
I don't think that Rolli agreed with the 'bossing' that makes up Vivian's role.

Rolli could have sat for hours throwing sticks in the water 
and watching them travel downstream.

Another picture I had to share...
This is what Vivian looks like when she plays "mom."
The orders and instructions just flow out of her mouth at a high volume.
Not sure how I feel about her portrayal of a mother... 

This kid!
I'm thankful for his balance, coordination and strength.
Because he jumped from one rock to the next without hesitation,
without thinking of the possibility of slipping.
When I warned him how dangerous playing near the water can be
he just confidently said,
"Mom, I won't fall in."
And he didn't even want me to be too close,
just in case I had to catch him.
0% fear.  100% action.

Despite the water hazard...
I enjoyed watching my two imaginative toddlers play and explore together.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Rolli has been talking about going fishing all the time lately.
Problem is we don't ever take the poor kid fishing.
Marshall, being the fabulous Dad he is, listened to his son's request.
And off we went...
Looking for the perfect fishing hole.
New gear and license in hand.

We had to walk a ways from our camp site.

And we didn't find the 'perfect' spot.

But we found a little piece of shore that pleased Rolli just fine.

This kid was in Heaven!

His patience is impressive.

Still determined to catch a fish.
Rolli's dedication to fishing out lasted the rest of us that day.

Daddy and Vivian casting a line.

These two captured my attention better than the fishless stream.

All smiles...
and no fish.

Marshall and I where finally able to convince Rolli that the fish weren't biting
and we started the walk back to our camp smelling like skunk.

Spotting this bicolored caterpillar was a nice reward for having to leave the fishing hole.

Rolli and Daddy fished some more back at the camp site.
And he still wants to go fishing again!