Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Rolli's new up-cycled Volcom shirt.
Originally this was one of Marshall's shirts.
Until he ripped a whole in the armpit.
And then I cut it up and sewed in back together!

The authentic pocket.
I just had to alter it down to size but it's the same shape/style.

Notice how I kept the Volcom angle.

It's cool to have a baby Volcom shirt.
(but one of these days I might just need to get my own labels)

Handsome Rolli!

Handmade clothes.
I decided that he needed a pair of long beach type shorts to wear with the shirt.
It's hard to see in the picture but the shorts have really deep pockets for collecting treasures.

This kid wouldn't smile for me so I gave him a rock.
And he gave me this smile.
I love my boy!

He is one good lookin' kid!

Beautiful Vivian.

She is such a sweet heart!
(most of the time)

I'm pleased with the way the hat and dress go together.
But don't look to closely because the hat really didn't turn out very well.


Vivian and Rolli.

My Sweetest of Sweet Peas!

Now they just need new sandals to wear with their new clothes...
I've got just the idea!

Monday, August 29, 2011

lemon grass

After 3 years I was finally successful at growing Lemon Grass.
the trick...
I've been nurturing it in an old juice jug.
The jug acts as a little mini terrarium.
You shouldn't be surprised... Rolli and Vivian love chewing on some Lemon Grass.
Vivian sharing with Bella.

I love Vivian's facial expressions.

Bella and Vivian with the Lemon Grass.

Rolli just acquired the Lemon Grass.
Vivian is telling him something with her demanding little baby legs.

Now it's Rolli's turn.

And I love Rolli's facial expressions.

Mmmm.... smells like Lemon Grass :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Grandma Debie came for a visit today!
Grandma wanted to treat Rolli and Vivian to a trip to the petting farm at Smallwood's.
After a long nap time we drove out to Peshastin for some country, vogue fruit stand fun!
Welcome Rolli and Vivian!

They wheeled right up to the fence on the John Deere tricycles.

Rolli wasn't even shy.
Vivian wasn't very sure.


Vivian getting as close as she dare.


Nice pony.

Oh' my!
So many chickens!
Rolli walked right up and stuck his fingers through the wire.

Vivian staying close to Mommy.
Anytime the chickens made too much noise Miss Mae high-tailed it back to my side.
Little Chicken!


Of course they found a mud puddle.

Rollin watching the ducks and geese.


Vivian getting a close look at the cute lil' bunnies.

Rolli getting a close look at the silly hoppers.

ooooh, a feather.

coooool, a hole.

Yep, I let them stick their hands in the animal water.
And I'm pretty sure they would've climbed in if they were able.

Nice goat!

Rolli chattin' with the goats.

Vivian just relaxin' and watchin' the water fowl.

Rolli and Vivian.

Mommy, Vivian, and Rolli.

Looking for the rabbit he saw hop under the shed.

Happy with the bucket of chalk she found.

Nice donkey.

Whoa!  Those are some BIG birds!

Look out!

Wow!  There was so much to do at Smallwood's Harvest.  
We'll have to go back another time!