Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dentist

Rolli and Vivian had their very first dentist appointment las Monday!
We went to Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry and they were great!
I took the kids early just so they could have a little play time in the office.
As soon as we checked in both kids went straight for the toy/play area.
Vivian busy with the farm animals.

Rolli loved the slide.

Is this really the Dentist office?

The dental hygienist cleaning teeth :)
Vivian followed direction and behaved so well.
Rolli behaved like usual when it's time to brush teeth... 
I didn't even bother trying to get a picture of his tantrum.

And then the Dentist himself came in with cherry flavored gloves!

I'm not sure if Vivian was intimidated or in love.

Rolli just wanted a pink toothbrush and the pink gloves.

If only I had cherry flavored gloves at home...

The Dentist was happy to inform me that Rolli and Vivian both have healthy teeth!
See you next year :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cashmere Founder's Day!

Cashmere celebrated their Founder's Day yesterday... all day!
We only participated in the Ping-pong Drop and the Parade.
After nap time we zoomed to the every popular Ping-pong Drop.
Rolli and Vivian waiting on the side lines for the helicopter to fly on over.

"There it is!"
Watching the helicopter fly towards us.

And this is what it's all about!
And this is also when all the other kids (and a few adults) went crazy wild!
Rolli and Vivian just stood back out of the stampede.
The idea is to collect as many ping-pong balls as possible and then go turn them in for prizes.
We didn't really care about the prizes.
It was just entertaining for us.
If you look close you can see all of the little ping-pong balls dropping from the helicopter.

A very nice little girl gave Rolli a couple of her ping-pong balls when she saw he didnt' have any.
He is such a lady magnet ;)
One ping-pong ball fell right at our feet and Vivian got that one.
But we didn't turn them in for any prizes... instead...
We headed straight for a BBQ with friends!
Then after our bellies where full of yummy food we walked to the parade.

Vivian and Rolli watching the very local Cashmere Founder's Day parade.

Vivian being Vivian with all her style and new bracelet the paraders tossed to her.

Beautiful evening for parade watching with friends :)

Thanks for the fun Cashmere!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rolli's first haircut!

Just look at this handsome young man!
Rolli dressed and ready for his first haircut.
Notice the 'look' Rolli is giving the hair dresser.
Such a ladies man already... 
Sporting her nap head, Vivian had fun watching Rolli get his haircut :)
This poor girl just needs a hairbrush.

Rolli held still for the whole hair cut and didn't even flench with the clippers.

I'm in love with my handsome little dude!

And clearly he is still following in his Daddy's footsteps ;)