Monday, November 26, 2012

no more room....

It seems I have used up all of my free blogging space.  Bummer!  And I still have TONS more over-the-top-cute pictures of my little ones to share.  What to do?  What to do?  For now I shall just take a break as we prepare for Hawaii (yes, Hawaii) and the holidays.  I plan to have a new picture/storying sharing media up and running by the New Year!  Enjoy your December, we will see you around :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big Feet

I saw this 'Big Feet' idea online a while back and have been excited to try this with Rolli and Viv since then.  I thought it would be a great imaginative play prop.

After I drew and cut out the Big Feet the kids painted the toe nails.

Vivian loved this!

I think the Big Feet toenails got at least 3 coats of polish.

Rolli and Vivian really focused on the polish.

Then after letting the toenail polish dry for a couple of weeks
I added string for tying to their feet and then
I brought the Big Feet out for the kids to actually play with.

Not at all what I expected...
Once the Big Feet where tied to the kids little feet there was 
lots of flaying around and laughing.
They did not pretend to be Big Foot like I thought they would.
But I did and they laughed some more...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Rollin and Vivian had their last fall 2012 soccer practice last night.
It was a successful session!

When I asked Rolli if he wanted to play soccer he said,
"Ya!  Run around!"
So I signed them up!
And they ran around!
...and got tired and laid down sometimes too.

Vivian especially liked soccer practice when she had fans in the bleachers :)

It was all a blur... 

Team pictures:

Both Rolli and Vivian are already asking to go play soccer again.
I think we'll have to sign up for another session!

Monday, November 12, 2012


It snowed just a handful of large white flakes the other day.
Rolli and Vivian watching the very first snow of the season for our backyard.
It was hardly any, you can't even see it in this picture.

But I knew it would snow again!
This morning both Rolli and Vivian where SO excited to see the snow!
They didn't even eat breakfast.
Straight out to the backyard full of white wet snow!

"Look Mom!  Snow!"

"Snow Bella"

They ran around, jumped and screamed.
Good morning white neighborhood!


Vivian came in when her hands got cold.
"Brrr, cold!"

Rolli stayed out as long as he could!

Silly Kids!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

more Reptile Zoo!

It's been over a week since we stopped at the Reptile Zoo on our way home from Seattle,
And I'm just now getting around to showing the pictures.

Rollin and Vivian got to treat their cousin Miles to a lunch time tour of reptiles and spiders!
Vivian, Rolli and Miles petting the tortoises.
These big guys where the kids favorite!
I think it's because they could touch them.

This Black Mamba was very active!

So many LARGE snacks!

Face-to-face with an alligator!


This alligator jumped all the way out of the water for his lunch!

Too fun!

The Anaconda!
All 4 kids thought it was pretty cool to crawl under the anaconda.


Lunch time!
I'm not sure what the kids thought of this...

We filled our bellies up at the Old School BBQ right outside the Reptile Zoo.

Perfect lunch stop!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun!

I hope that everyone had a safe and just sweet enough Halloween!
Scroll down to see how we spent our Halloween.
Rolli with his pre-carving pumpkin.
These are the little sugar pumpkins from our garden.
They never ripened to orange.
So they've been kicked out of the kitchen and sentenced to the carving knife.

Vivian picked the BIGgest of the little pumpkins.

My favorite part of Halloween is dressing up.
Probably because I love imaginative play.
Marshall and I didn't wear costumes this year.
But we paraded the cutest Bumblebee and the sweetest Ladybug around the neighborhood.

Ready to go trick-o-treating!
*Notice the large bag that Vivian picked out ;)

Daddy lighting the kids jack-o-lanterns.
They where so excited to show Dad their pumpkins!

Here is Vivian trying to manage her oversized treat bag.
And Rolli just thrilled about the candle in his jack-o-lantern.

"Happy Halloween!"

The two jack-o-lanterns that we left on the porch to great trick-o-treaters.
Rolli and Vivian obviously did most of the carving themselves.

They have been waiting ALL day for this!

First stop!

Marshall with his growing Bumblebee.

Our trick-o-treating parade.

Don't forget to stop at our house!

After we hit up 3 of our neighbors for treats we went to a local block party.
Our friend Stacia hosted the slide part of the party.
Plus she cooked us delicious chili!
The block party was packed full of costume clad kids, adults and dogs!
Mazes, face painting, giant slide, games and of course candy!

Stacia and Vivian going through the maze.
Rolli and Vivian loved the maze (it wasn't scary, just had lots of spiders)

Rolli getting a spider painted on his face.

Vivian getting a butterfly painted on her face.

Rolli and Vivian's second favorite part of the night.
The candy was their #1 favorite part of the night.

Vivian and Princess Belle!

One of the fun games.

We ended up with way too much candy and two tired toddlers.
That means that I got to eat Rolli and Vivian's treats after they fell sound asleep ;)

Thanks to Stacia's neighbors for such a fun block party!