Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer Family Vacation 2016 (day three)

Each day of our vacation was better than the day before!  
We spent our third morning exploring the beach at low tide.
It's seriously a whole new world!

Every thing is a treasure!

Marshall and his young marine biologists :)

ColT loves his FREEdom!

Vivian, Rolli and Colter.

The tide pools seemed to offer endless exploring.

Sink sand!
These 3 had a lot of fun and made a lot of noise just letting their feet sink into the wet sand.

The Wallace family.

Rolli could not believe how lucky he was to find so many crab parts.
In fact he looked right at these complete strangers and practically yelled,
"This is the most crab parts in the UNIVERSE!"
They just smiled and replied, "it's a matter of perspective."

All three kids where overwhelmed by how "rich in crab parts" they where.
Marshall and I couldn't have been happier watching our lil' flock as they explored the beach 
and honestly found wonder and value in every little thing.
They always remind us to slow down and be thankful...
for even the stinkiest piece of broken crab parts!

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