Saturday, September 28, 2013


With the car packed to the max we left for our 
first ever Annual Family Camping Trip!
Vivian, Bella and Rollin ready for adventure!
And barely any room to spare.

Marshall drove us up the Icicle to the Ida Creek Campground.
There where about a dozen sites and only one other group of campers.
We nearly had the whole place to ourselves!
Of course we picked the most perfect spot ;)

This site came complete with a river viewing stump and the tranquil sound of flowing water.

Daddy and Rolli enjoying the fresh air, beautiful surroundings and each others' company.
Rolli is showing me how strong he had to be to climb up the stump by himself.

After exploring the area a little bit you know we had to get right to roasting marshmallows.
Marshall and Rolli roasting the first marshmallows!

Rollin had fun roasting the marshmallows but when it came to eating them...
this is the look he gave me.
He took one bite and that was it for the first night.
Who's kid is he anyways?!

Vivian of course LOVED the marshmallows.
Sweet and sticky, just her style.

One of my favorite things about camping is the fire.

My next favorite thing about camping is sharing the fire with these silly kids.

And the best part about camping is having Daddy there!

8 months pregnant and warming my belly 
before crawling into the tent for a snuggly night of sleep.


  1. What a Beautiful camp spot!!!! LOVE all the pictures.....such good memories being made ♥ You are such an awesome family ♥

  2. Fun!! Nice work camping at 8 months pregnant! You are amazing Hannah!!!